Tuesday. 25 October 2016

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Letter from SFO’s Richard Alderman to Ian Foxley

Exaro today publishes a letter sent by Richard Alderman, then director of the Serious Fraud Office, about allegations of corruption over a Saudi defence deal.

Alderman was writing after Ian Foxley, a former lieutenant-colonel in the British army, reported irregular payments linked to a £2 billion Saudi defence deal, known as the Sangcom project.

Exaro today revealed details of secret payments linked to the deal that went to two offshore accounts. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has been carrying out a preliminary investigation into the allegations.

GPT Special Project Management, a British subsidiary of EADS, Europe’s biggest defence company, is the prime contractor to supply high-tech communications equipment to the Saudi Arabian national guard in a 10-year programme reportedly worth £2 billion. In the letter of January, Alderman thanked Foxley for his help on the case, and assured him that the SFO was continuing to look into the allegations.

Alderman declined to comment to Exaro on the case.

Click on the link below to download the full letter. Exaro has redacted the letter only to protect personal details.

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