Monday. 24 October 2016

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Ex-MI6 chief named as sexual abuser of boys at Dolphin Square

Peter Hayman mixed with MPs in high-level paedophile network, survivor tells detectives

It was all just a cover-up, whether to protect the group or protect the establishment’s reputation

Nick, on the failure to prosecute Peter Hayman

One of the VIPs who sexually abused boys at an apartment complex near Parliament has been identified as a former deputy director of MI6. 

The disclosure of his identity to Exaro by a key witness has also been provided to Scotland Yard for its new investigation into historical allegations that MPs and other prominent people carried out child sex abuse at Dolphin Square and elsewhere.

An abuse survivor, known as “Nick” to protect his identity, told Exaro: “He used to like to kiss and to touch, liked me to do that to him. But it would always culminate in being raped. That is what happened all the time. That was normal.”

Exaro can reveal today that this VIP identified by Nick as an abuser at Dolphin Square is Sir Peter Hayman, who was linked under parliamentary privilege in 1981 by Geoffrey Dickens, the late Conservative MP, to the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which promoted sex with children.

Nothing was said in Parliament about Hayman’s role at the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), better known as MI6, and Press reports at the time referred to him solely as a diplomat and as the UK’s former high commissioner to Canada.

Police investigated Hayman in 1978, but he was not prosecuted. He died in 1992.

Nick picked Hayman out from a collection of pictures that Exaro showed to him. He had previously mentioned that one abuser was called “Hayman”.

“I learnt his name over a number of sessions,” said Nick.

From the pictures, he identified Hayman by his first name and as one of the paedophiles who sexually abused him at Dolphin Square and other properties in London from the age of 11, starting in 1979.

Nick thought that Hayman was an MP, and was unaware of his MI6 role. He assumed that Hayman was a politician because he mixed with MPs.

Scotland Yard launched an investigation into Hayman in 1978 after a package of “obscene literature” was found in a bus in London and traced to him. Police also found that Hayman was a PIE member.

The then director of public prosecutions, Sir Thomas Hetherington, advised against prosecuting Hayman.

Nick believes that the establishment avoided prosecuting Hayman to protect him as well as other prominent people in the paedophile group that preyed on children at various locations in London, including Dolphin Square.

Asked how he felt about this failure to prosecute, Nick said: “That has left me feeling numb.”

He said: “I know times change, and if you were caught today leaving that sort of thing on a bus you would be arrested and charged.”

“If he had been arrested, would he have given up the others? I doubt it. Would his arrest have led to the disruption of the group, which might have made a difference? It could have done.

“Really, it does not surprise me that they did not do anything because of who else was involved, and it just adds to the growing list of missed opportunities for it to end. It was all just a cover-up, whether to protect the group or protect the establishment’s reputation.”

Nick is a key witness at the centre of the new investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit, under ‘Operation Midland’, into historical allegations that MPs and other VIPs sexually abused children at Dolphin Square and elsewhere. Midland is under the umbrella of ‘Operation Fairbank’, which is looking into allegations of child sex abuse by prominent people, including politicians.

After he and a second witness gave accounts to Exaro of how MPs and VIPs sexually assaulted them at Dolphin Square and other locations, Nick agreed to talk to the Met.

He said that Hayman was often at the same “abuse parties” as a former Conservative MP who was especially violent towards boys. Nick has also given an account of how a former Conservative cabinet minister sexually abused him as a boy at Dolphin Square and other locations.

Exaro is not naming the two politicians for legal reasons.

In 1984, Hayman was convicted of gross indecency following an incident in a public lavatory.

Today, Exaro details Hayman’s MI6 career.

We also publish the parliamentary exchanges that partially disclosed his paedophile life.

Read more of Nick’s story on Exaro soon. If you have information that might help our investigation, please contact us. Keep re-visiting Exaro for more on this investigation.

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Brave man sad that's why we need justice so much evil inflicted to so many children not bloody right good work exaro again and agatn you are guiding the way for justice for many and I applaud that when you don't trust anyone its truly nice to see a team work as hard as yous at getting to the truth well done and I send my best to nick and his family must be a tough time
Maurice Oldfield allegedly did similar things in Northern Ireland. Makes you wonder what exactly the recruitment process is looking for.
Well, it certainly gives some insight into the meaning of the phrase "In the Interests of National Security" when applied in relation to the recent reports of restrictions on information on historic Abuse cases. It now makes it pretty clear what their Interests are and what Interests them.
They witnesess need to be protected these evil people need to be brought to justice. The Goverment are being told what to do by higher ups,they are mere puppets for these people. If the goverment wont investigate properly then the PEOPLE will! Jimmy Saville burst the wall now it is flowing into a raging river. The people must not let this go!!
Isn't it also strange how Malcom Rifkind, currently chairman of the Intelligence and security Committee, is related to Leon Brittan (according to wikipedia and elsewhere reported as cousins), and as Leon retired from Unilever non-executive board of directors, Malcolm joined (see unilever's site 2010 board changes). The whole system seems infested with nepotism and self protection.
Every family of a young boy who has gone missing and not found will think the boys allegedly killed could be their boy/s it is heart breaking these kids had no one to defend them.

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