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Mark Watts


Mark Watts is the Editor-in-Chief of Exaro. He is the co-founder of the FOIA Centre, which specialises in research using ‘open-access’ laws, such as the Freedom of Information Act; and he is a journalist, author and television presenter.

He ran the investigations unit at Sunday Business as its chief investigative reporter. He has worked as a reporter on several national newspapers, including The Sunday Times, The Independent on Sunday, The Sunday Telegraph, and Sunday Express. He also worked on World in Action and other television current-affairs programmes.

Letters from the editor:
Exaro appoints associate editor – 9 May 2012
Calling commissioning editors – 19 January 2012
Open registrations begin – 1 November 2011
Welcome to our website’s field trial – 3 October 2011


Mark's book, ‘The Fleet Street Sewer Rat’, published in 2005, exposed some of the ‘dark arts’ of British newspapers, years before the phone-hacking scandal brought down the News of the World.

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