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Letter from the editor: calling commissioning editors

By Mark Watts
19 January 2012

We are seeking two more commissioning editors to join Exaro’s growing team of journalists. We are looking for two senior journalists with several years’ experience of investigative journalism, commissioning reporters, and of editing non-diary copy on the news, business or features desk of a national newspaper.

One commissioning editor will work across our UK and international channels, and the other will be for our business channel.

The salaries for the posts are dependent on experience. Please apply as soon as possible by e-mailing a covering letter and CV to, putting “Commissioning Editor” or “Business Commissioning Editor”, as appropriate, in the subject line.

We are expanding our team of journalists as Exaro increases its rate of output and proceeds through its phased launch as a subscription service.

Since the start of our field trial last October, Exaro has quickly established itself as an investigative news website that digs out and breaks a wide variety of stories that would otherwise have gone unreported. Several of them have subsequently been followed-up by newspapers.

For example, we revealed how MPs snubbed special parliamentary training sessions aimed at teaching them about their code of conduct and expenses rules.

The Treasury was forced to re-think its debt assessment after Exaro disclosed how government auditors attacked the figures.

And Lord Hunt, chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, gave an interview to Exaro detailing his plans to scrap the newspaper regulator and replace it with a new body. After the interview, he briefed the editors of national newspapers ahead of presenting his plans when he gives evidence later this year to Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry into newspaper practices in the UK.

We have plenty more investigative reports on the way, so please keep watching out for those on Exaro.

Mark Watts is the Editor-in-Chief of Exaro.

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