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Letter from the editor: Exaro appoints associate editor

By Mark Watts
9 May 2012

Exaro has appointed as associate editor a former editorial executive on the Daily Mail and Evening Standard. He joins a growing editorial team at the investigative website.

Guy Eaton began working for Exaro in March as a freelance contributor and commissioning editor. As associate editor, he will help oversee some of Exaro’s major investigative projects.

We are still seeking two more commissioning editors to join Exaro’s growing team of journalists. For these roles, we are looking for senior journalists with several years’ experience of investigative journalism, commissioning reporters, and of editing non-diary copy on the news, business or features desk of a national newspaper.

One commissioning editor will oversee our business channel, while the other will work across all of our channels.

The salaries for the posts are dependent on experience. Please apply as soon as possible by e-mailing a covering letter and CV to, putting “Business Commissioning Editor” or “Commissioning Editor”, as appropriate, in the subject line.

Guy’s appointment gives an indication of the seniority of the journalists that we are seeking for these critical roles.

From 1998, Guy was the Mail’s associate features editor before joining the Standard in 2002 to take charge of the features department. As assistant editor of the Standard until 2009, he was also responsible for investigations by the newspaper’s leading writers into politics, business and crime, major foreign reporting assignments, and the paper’s overnight news operation.

Exaro also appointed Keith Perry, former night news editor on the News of the World and ex-Sunday Express news editor, as associate editor in January.

Exaro has also overhauled its registration process to make it much easier to use. You need to register to Exaro to see the articles. If you have not already registered, simply click on any piece on the website, hit the “register now” button and follow the instructions.

Since the start of our field trial last October, Exaro has dug out and broken a wide variety of stories that would otherwise have gone unreported. Many of them have subsequently been followed-up by newspapers and broadcasters. Only yesterday, for example, The Guardian followed up a story that we broke in January, revealing how MPs were set to announce an inquiry into the UK government’s Export Credit Guarantee Department, which underwrites billions of pounds of loans to support the country’s exports.

Exaro sent shockwaves through government last week when we revealed a confidential letter written by Danny Alexander, chief secretary to the Treasury, that set out how more than 2,000 senior public official were being paid ‘off payroll’ in an attempt to minimise their tax bill. Exaro even published Alexander’s six-page letter in full.

Exaro teamed up with BBC2’s Newsnight to break the story, after we worked with the news programme to reveal in February how the Student Loans Company was paying its chief executive, Ed Lester, through his personal-service company under concessions granted by HM Revenue & Customs.

Even the UK prime minister, David Cameron, intervened in the row, saying that it was “never acceptable” for public officials to avoid paying tax.

And Richard Alderman chose to give his explosive outgoing interview to Exaro to coincide with his retirement as director of the Serious Fraud Office. He told us that criminals responsible for fraud in the UK worth billions of pounds go largely untroubled by the authorities.

As the UK’s most senior fraud investigator, he also admitted that Britain tarnished its reputation by halting a bribery investigation into defence sales to Saudi Arabia, a decision forced upon his predecessor by Tony Blair’s Labour government.

And Alderman used his interview with Exaro to launch a blistering attack on judges for giving soft sentences to white-collar criminals.

At Exaro, we break the big stories, and bring you the big names. We have more investigative reports on the way, and even more shockwaves to send through government. So, please keep up to speed with Exaro.

Update 22 June 2012: Exaro was one of two websites last night commended in the “Best Campaigning/Investigative Journalism” category in the Online Media Awards. The Times was also commended in the category, which was won by The Sunday Times. The other nominees were International Business Times UK and Press Gazette.

Mark Watts is the Editor-in-Chief of Exaro.

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