Exaro News Archive Australia’s 60 Minutes makes ‘special’ on UK’s VIP paedophiles

Australia’s 60 Minutes makes ‘special’ on UK’s VIP paedophiles


Australia’s 60 Minutes makes ‘special’ on UK’s VIP paedophiles

Richard Kerr, Esther Baker and ’Darren’ talk to Ross Coulthart about Britain’s big scandal

By Exaro Team | 19 July 2015

Spies, Lords and Predators – Part 1

Spies, Lords and Predators – Part 2

Spies, Lords and Predators – Part 3

Australia’s Channel 9 today broadcast a special report on 60 Minutes about the ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

Exaro helped 60 Minutes to make the half-hour, three-part film, which can be viewed above. The report, ‘Spies, Lords and Predators’, was the main story on today’s programme.

Ross Coulthart, the reporter on the special investigation, described it as “Britain’s biggest ever scandal”, adding: “This is the story that will rock the British establishment.”

The programme features an interview with Richard Kerr, who lived as a boy at Kincora boys’ home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Earlier today, Exaro uploaded its own video interview with Richard Kerr, in which he says that child sex abuse at Kincora was all about political leverage.

The programme also filmed an interview with Esther Baker, who alleges that she was sexually abused by two politicians.

And a man identified by Exaro only as “Darren” is interviewed anonymously in the programme. Darren became the third witness to give an account to us of how prominent people carried out child sex abuse at Dolphin Square, the apartment complex favoured by MPs.

In addition, Kevin Allen, brother of Martin, who disappeared as a 15-year-old in 1979, is interviewed for the programme. Kevin believes that Martin was abducted and murdered by a member of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

When he raised his suspicions with police many years ago, he says that a senior officer told him: “You keep saying things like that, you could get hurt.”

Zac Goldsmith, a Conservative MP who was part of the initial cross-party group of seven who last year called for an overarching inquiry into child sex abuse, agrees with the programme’s reporter that the ‘Westminster paedophile network’ is the “biggest political scandal in British history”.

Goldsmith tells 60 Minutes: “There is very compelling evidence that very senior people engaged in terrible acts and were then protected by the establishment. I have no doubt at all about that.”

“But I think the genie is out of the bottle.”

The special report on Australia’s 60 Minutes, one of the world’s leading current-affairs programmes, is another example of how broadcasters around the globe are giving increasing attention to the ‘Westminster paedophile network’, following up astonishing revelations from an investigation that has been running at Exaro since October 2012.

Mark Watts, Exaro’s Editor-in-Chief, appeared on Russia Today to discuss with George Galloway, a former MP, Exaro’s exposure of the scandal.

In Britain, the BBC in particular is compromised because of its failures over the paedophilia of one of its biggest stars, Jimmy Savile.

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