Exaro News Archive Bribery claims, ‘Sangcom’ and ‘Al Yamamah’: Exaro story thread

Bribery claims, ‘Sangcom’ and ‘Al Yamamah’: Exaro story thread


Bribery claims, ‘Sangcom’ and ‘Al Yamamah’: Exaro story thread

Exaro has run parallel investigations into allegations of corruption that surround huge contracts between the UK and overseas countries.

Our disclosures about the UK’s deal to overhaul Saudi Arabia’s military communications triggered a criminal investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

A series of reports shed light on mysterious payments worth millions of pounds that were made under the deal to offshore companies.

But the case also exposed shortcomings in the SFO’s attempts to investigate allegations against British companies of paying bribes to help secure lucrative contracts overseas.

Exaro also made a series of disclosures surrounding ‘Al Yamamah’, an even bigger contract under which the UK sold military jets to Saudi Arabia.

These included revelations of how the SFO had lost the case files in its investigation into Al Yamamah, and how Exaro had found them in a warehouse on London’s Docklands, where they were stored next to a cannabis farm.

Exaro has also uncovered details about the sale to India of helicopters for €556 million by AgustaWestland, a British subsidiary of a large defence group in Italy. Indian and Italian authorities are investigating bribery claims surrounding the deal. It has led India to cancel the contract.

Westland faces ban from selling helicopters to Indian forces

Saudi king’s brother-in-law handled UK contract’s ‘agency fees’

UK considers corruption probe into helicopter deal with India

Middleman on UK-India deal agrees plea bargain over ‘bribes’

Diplomat lobbied India over helicopter deal, minister confirms 

UK government helped negotiate ‘corrupt’ contract with India

Thatcher government sold ‘wobbly’ British helicopters to India

Geoff Hoon set to help defend Westland at ‘bribes’ trial in Italy

SFO demands removal of lost documents from Exaro website

SFO hunts for more missing BAE files from ‘Al Yamamah’ case

‘Al Yamamah’ secrets leak from files lost by SFO after probe

Found: BAE files lost in SFO blunder ended up in this warehouse

SFO will soon have no purpose, says agency’s ex-fraud chief

Taped telephone calls pile pressure on Westland over ‘bribery’

UK stalls over India’s plea for help with bribery investigation
Ghost of Westland returns to haunt Conservative prime minister

SFO sees drop in conviction rate for fourth successive year

SFO poised to drop investigation into claims of Saudi bribes

Analysis: Britain is still failing to take bribery seriously enough

SFO planned to interview NAO chief over Saudi defence deal
NAO chief: SFO will not find ‘corruption’ in MoD over contracts

Revealed: key MoD staff moved to contractor in bribery probe
MoD and EADS bonded over satellites – but face bribery case
MoD’s project director joined EADS to oversee same contract

Two properties of ‘expat’ agent on Saudi deal traced to UK

Key agent named in ‘Sangcom network’ facing SFO scrutiny

EADS subsidiary plagued by bribery claims set to lose boss

Commentary: NAO should also investigate Sangcom project

Cayman partner stays silent on Saudi commissions in SFO probe

BAe faces demand to answer ‘bribery’ claims in Austrian court

Ministry of Defence: Saudi Arabia pays for our project team
How Ministry of Defence was forced into Sangcom admission

MoD memo: you need ‘douceurs’ to win Saudi contracts

Clues uncovered about Cayman company in ‘bribes’ case
Newly-found document sheds lights on Cayman company
Bryan Somerfield ‘was a brave man, and cool as a cucumber’

Contractor’s e-mails reveal corruption claims in Saudi deal
Inside story of ‘bribes’ and Saudi Sangcom project – part 1
Inside story of ‘bribes’ and Saudi Sangcom project – part 2
Inside story of ‘bribes’ and Saudi Sangcom project – part 3
Inside story of ‘bribes’ and Saudi Sangcom project – part 4
Inside story of ‘bribes’ and Saudi Sangcom project – part 5

BAE holds talks with Saudi Arabia over planned EADS ‘merger’

Analysis: EADS investors shrug off bribery case at UK offshoot

‘Oh minister, I do wish you wouldn’t use words like bribery’
MoD tackles ‘bribes’ PQs with same aplomb as Sir Humphrey

Named: defence executives who signed off ‘corrupt’ payments

SFO launches criminal probe into deal with Saudi national guard

Named: Saudi commanders ‘given luxury cars by UK contractor’

MPs turn up heat on ministers over ‘bribery’ in UK-Saudi deal

Third insider blows whistle on ‘corrupt’ Saudi defence deal

Secret memo puts MoD in frame over Saudi bribery claims
How MoD approved ‘agency fees’ in Sangcom deal
Sir Frank Cooper’s directive to DSO on ‘agency fees’
Sir Lester Suffield’s reply to directive on ‘agency fees’
Sir Frank Cooper’s response to DSO chief’s memo

SFO faces pressure over £2bn UK-Saudi defence deal
Auditors ‘failed to stop £14.5m bribes in Sangcom project’

David Cameron warned over ‘corrupt’ £2bn Saudi deal
UK government accused of being ‘blind’ to corruption

MoD knew of Cayman payments in Saudi defence deal
MoD oversees lucrative Saudi defence contract

Offshore payments linked to Saudi defence deal
Saudi defence deal is lucrative – and super-sensitive
UK defence company faces trouble over Saudi deal
Exposed: Cayman payments linked to Saudi defence deal
Letter from SFO’s Richard Alderman to Ian Foxley

Block on SFO Saudi ‘arms’ probe tarnished UK

MPs to launch inquiry into ‘export credit’ guarantees

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