Exaro News Archive Ex-minister wanted boys dressed in ladies’ lacy underwear

Ex-minister wanted boys dressed in ladies’ lacy underwear


Ex-minister wanted boys dressed in ladies’ lacy underwear

‘Minder’ waited outside bedroom as MP sexually abused Darren at Dolphin Square

By Tim Wood | 10 January 2015

Darren became all too familiar with the routine of “violation” and “humiliation” as he was sexually abused at Dolphin Square.

He is the third witness to come forward to testify to being sexually abused as a boy by a former Conservative cabinet minister and other VIPs at “abuse parties” at the apartment complex near Parliament where many MPs have their London homes.

Darren (not his real name) told Exaro: “The cabinet minister always insisted I should be presented to him with ladies’ underwear on beneath my clothes. He orally raped me three times.

“The minister would always be accompanied by a minder, who would stay outside while I was abused” – Darren, on abuse at Dolphin Square

“The game he liked to play was that he would pretend that he had spotted that I was wearing the ladies’ lingerie. He would tell me I was a naughty boy for turning him on, and take me into a bedroom and punish me.

“I was spanked with a bamboo cane that he brought with him, which was painful. I was then sexually abused.”

“He liked boys to dress up in lacy women’s underwear. He would make a game of it, say, ‘Take your trousers down,’ and say, ‘What the hell is this you are wearing?’ He would sometimes spank you, and it would always end up with either buggery or oral sex. I only ever gave him oral, and I saw him have sex with other boys.”

Darren described how he was driven to Dolphin Square for “abuse parties” in 1993 by the late Peter Righton, the notorious paedophile, after he was fined £900 the previous year for possession of obscene images of children.

Righton drove Darren and other boys to Dolphin Square after picking them up from children’s homes in Suffolk in his luxury car with leather seats and electric windows.

Darren said: “Peter supplied the ladies’ underwear before I arrived. It was extremely humiliating, and I still find it difficult today to come to terms with. It left me feeling violated.”

According to Darren, “abuse parties” attended by MPs and VIPs were held in a four-bedroomed apartment in Dolphin Square.

He has identified what he believes to be the apartment to Exaro. It is a serviced apartment, rented out like a hotel suite and not as anyone’s home.

The ex-minister, Darren explained, favoured the bedroom known as the “leopard room” because of its décor of black and yellow spots. “There was a leopard skin rug in there,” he added.

“The minister would always be accompanied by a minder, who would stay outside while I was abused.”

Darren described one bedroom as the “gay room” because it was “flowery and effeminate”. Here, he claimed, he was forced to give oral sex to a famous comedy actor.

He said: “At first, the actor was an interested spectator at the parties, but then he decided to take part. He was much kinder and more considerate than the others, but it was still unpleasant.”

Other “abuse parties” attended by foreign guests and not VIPs were held in two other apartments at Dolphin Square, he added.

Darren said that Righton paid him up to £50 to attend “abuse parties” at Dolphin Square, but stressed that he was forced to go.

He said: “I would never have gone to those parties willingly. It was not the money; it was fear of Righton that led me to Dolphin Square.”

“One attack I recall vividly. It was after I was taken into a bedroom with the famous TV personality, and Peter was driving us back to East Anglia. For about 20 minutes, I kept saying the name of the comic character played by the actor, and stating that he was at the party.

“Peter kept saying, ‘No, he wasn’t,’ and then suddenly he swung a tremendous punch, while still keeping control of the car. It hit me flush on the chin, and I may have passed out. It was a warning to keep my mouth shut.”

Darren confidently identified the ex-minister, the comedy actor, Righton as well as his paedophile friend, Charles Napier, from a large collection of photographs that Exaro showed to him.

But back at the large apartment in Dolphin Square, another bedroom filled Darren with the most dread of all.

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