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Alleged Westminster Paedophile HQ

‘Nick’, Accused of Lying About “Westminster Paedophile Ring” Allegations, to Appear in Court

The fifty-year-old man going by the name 'Nick' for legal reasons, claimed in 2014 that he had been raped and abused for years by...

Child sex abuse, ‘Fernbridge’ and ‘Fairbank’: Exaro story thread

Police are investigating former senior politicians and other prominent people over historical allegations of child sex abuse. Exaro has run a series of pieces...

Patrick Mahony – Apology

By Exaro Team | 11 July 2016 On 26 April we published an article about Mr Mahony which linked monies received by him to 1...

Was chemical weapons cash used to target coalition in Iraq?

On the eve of Chilcot Report, questions raised over payments to warlord for Sarin By Nick Kochan and David Hencke | 5 July 2016 British troops destroyed chemical weapons bought from...

Royal Bank of Scotland faces wider scandal over Libor rigging

RBS manipulated benchmark rate in more currencies than admitted, documents suggest By Mark Watts and Mike Yuille | 23 May 2016 "It provides a properly arguable foundation for PAG’s allegation that...

RBS ‘at highest level’ knew of ‘serious problems’ with Libor

Case raises questions about bank’s ‘top management’ as well as trading floor – judge By Mark Watts and Mike Yuille | 23 May 2016 Documents forced out of the Royal Bank...

Jimmy Savile hid abuse on Top of the Pops in ‘plain sight’

Janet Smith’s review: ‘testosterone-laden’ show masked presenter’s assaults on girls By David Hencke, Alex Varley-Winter and Mark Watts | 20 January 2016 Jimmy Savile hid his abuse of girls while working as...
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