By Exaro Team | 2 November 2012

Update 5 December 2012: Congratulations! David Hencke was named ‘Political Journalist of the Year’ at the Press Gazette British Journalism Awards last night.

Exaro’s senior investigative reporter, David Hencke, has been nominated for a British Journalism Award.

Hencke is shortlisted for ‘Political Journalist of the Year’ against correspondents from The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, The Guardian, The Times, and the Mail on Sunday.

In February, Hencke revealed how the Student Loans Company’s chief executive, Ed Lester, avoided paying tax at source by using a personal-service company. It sparked the high-profile ‘Whitehall tax scandal’.

His disclosures resulted in a Treasury review across Whitehall, which identified 2,400 senior civil servants who were working ‘off payroll’. Hencke’s ongoing revelations continue to send shockwaves to the heart of government.

Broadcasters, national and regional press, B2B publishers and online-only publishers vie with each other at the British Journalism Awards.

Press Gazette’s editor, Dominic Ponsford, said: “The genesis for these awards was the hacking scandal and the Leveson inquiry. If ever an industry needs some positive PR, the journalism industry does.

“These shortlists should make anyone who characterises all journalists as gutter hacks eat their words. They are proof that we are part of a noble profession that now, as much as ever, aspires to – and achieves – the highest ethical and professional standards.”

The British Journalism Awards will be held at Stationers’ Hall in London on December 4, 2012.

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