By Hui Shan Khoo | 9 November 2011

We revealed a report commissioned by the new Libyan government that details how it plans to develop the war-ravaged country’s health system.

In particular, it shows how Libya is looking to buy goods and services from the global health and pharmaceutical industry.

Exaro shall soon return to the subject of Libya and the opportunities it represents for businesses in the West. In the meantime, ExaroPlus has compiled some resources for further information on the subject.

The UK’s Exports Credits Guarantee Department reported that it became the first major export credit agency to resume cover for Libya since Nato airstrikes began in the country in March. It will provide guarantees for up to $250 million of credit for Libya.

The Libya section of  the UK Trade and Investment, the government body that helps UK-based companies trade internationally, is focussing on engagement with the National Transitional Council, Libya’s interim government, and other key decision-makers.

Lord Green, trade minister, gave a speech in September to delegates at a UKTI conference on Libya, outlining opportunities for British companies in the country after the conflict.

The British Business Group in Libya describes itself as working “under the auspices of”, but separate from, the British embassy in Libya The group was formed in 2002 to help promote the interests of UK companies doing business in Libya.

The Libyan British Business Council (LBBC) works with public- and private-sector organisations to help trade and investment between the UK and Libya.

Lord Howell, foreign minister, gave a speech in October to the LBBC outlining how Libyan reconstruction projects alone will be worth $200 million over the next decade.

The International Monetary Fund in September published some economic statistics for Libya.

Libya Telecom and Technology provides mobile phone and internet services in Libya.

Reuters produced a special report on how to win business in Libya, detailing the experiences of two British businessmen who entered the country in August. The Tripoli Post is an English-language newspaper in Libya.

The Libya section of the CIA World Factbook provides an overview of the country.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has revised its travel advice for Libya.

The Lonely Planet gives an alternative travel guide to the country.

And the travel website Kwintessential has a section on business etiquette and protocol in Libya.

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