Exaro News Archive ExaroResearch league table: senior UK diplomats’ pay

ExaroResearch league table: senior UK diplomats’ pay


ExaroResearch league table: senior UK diplomats’ pay

By Alison Winward | 29 July 2011

(or international body)
Name Position Salary band
United States of America Nigel Sheinwald Ambassador 175,000-179,999
European Union Kim Darroch Permanent Representative 170,000-174,999
France Peter Westmacott Ambassador 145,000-149,999
United Nations,
New York
Mark Lyall Grant Permanent Representative 140,000-144,999
India Richard Stagg High Commissioner 135,000-139,999
South Africa Nicola Brewer High Commissioner 135,000-139,999
Saudi Arabia Tom Phillips Ambassador 135,000-139,999
Afghanistan William Patey Ambassador 130,000-134,999
China Sebastian Wood Ambassador 130,000-134,999
Climate change John Ashton Special Representative 130,000-134,999
Gibraltar Adrian Johns Governor 130,000-134,999
Germany Simon Mcdonald Ambassador 125,000-129,999
Japan David Warren Ambassador 125,000-129,999
Pakistan Adam Thomson High Commissioner 125,000-129,999
Nato Mariot Leslie Permanent Representative 120,000-124,999
European Union Andy Lebrecht Deputy Permanent Representative 120,000-124,999
Russia Anne Pringle Ambassador 120,000-124,999
Brazil Alan Charlton Ambassador 115,000-119,999
Egypt Dominic Asquith Ambassador (until 31.03.2011) 115,000-119,999
Iraq John Jenkins Ambassador (until 07.06.2011) 110,000-114,999
Italy Christopher Prentice Ambassador 110,000-114,999
Spain Giles Paxman Ambassador 110,000-114,999
Turkey David Reddaway Ambassador 110,000-114,999
United States Alan Collins Consul-General, New York 105,000-109,999
UK Nordic Baltic summit Valerie Caton Co-ordinator 105,000-109,999
Nigeria Andrew Lloyd High Commissioner 100,000-104,999
Turks & Caicos Islands Gordon Wetherell Governor 100,000-104,999
Argentina Shan Morgan Ambassador 90,000-94,999
Austria Simon Smith Ambassador* 90,000-94,999
Canada Andrew Pocock High Commissioner 90,000-94,999
Colombia John Dew Ambassador 90,000-94,999
Jordan Peter Millett Ambassador 90,000-94,999
Kenya Rob Macaire High Commissioner 90,000-94,999
Poland Ric Todd Ambassador 90,000-94,999
United Nations, Geneva Peter Gooderham Permanent Representative 90,000-94,999
Australia Paul Madden High Commissioner 85,000-89,999
Cyprus Matthew Kidd High Commissioner 85,000-89,999
Greece David Landsman Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Hong Kong and Macao Andrew Seaton Consul-General 85,000-89,999
Hungary Greg Dorey Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Indonesia Martin Hatfull Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Ireland Julian King Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Israel Matthew Gould Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Jamaica Howard Drake High Commissioner 85,000-89,999
Malaysia Simon Featherstone High Commissioner 85,000-89,999
Sri Lanka John Rankin High Commissioner 85,000-89,999
Kuwait Frank Baker Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Lebanon Frances Guy Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Libya Richard Northern Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Mexico Judith Macgregor Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Palestinian Authority Vincent Fean Consul-General 85,000-89,999
Sweden Andrew Mitchell Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Ukraine Leigh Turner Ambassador 85,000-89,999
United Arab Emirates Dominic Jermey Ambassador 85,000-89,999
Bangladesh Stephen Evans High Commissioner 82,900-84,999
Ethiopia Norman Ling Ambassador 82,900-84,999
Falkland Islands Nigel Haywood Governor 82,900-84,999
Netherlands Paul Arkwright Ambassador 82,900-84,999
Serbia Michael Davenport Ambassador 82,900-84,999
South Korea Martin Uden Ambassador 82,900-84,999
Sudan Nicholas Kay Ambassador 82,900-84,999
Syria Simon Collis Ambassador 82,900-84,999
Thailand Asif Ahmad Ambassador 82,900-84,999
Venezuela Catherine Nettleton Ambassador 82,900-84,999
Zimbabwe Mark Canning Ambassador 82,900-84,999

* Simon Smith is also Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Vienna

Source: ExaroResearch based on Foreign Office salary data as of 31.03.11

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