Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser

We just downloaded the new Microsoft Edge insider build to see what’s good with the new browser, here’s what we think so far.

As you’d expect, the install process is nice and quick and the first option you’re presented with is to start from scratch or import stuff from elsewhere. Because we wanted a nice fresh install we opted for ‘Start from Scratch’.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser

Alternatively you can go ahead and ‘Start with your ‘data’ and begin the import.

Next you get to choose from three tab styles, which is a nice design touch.

The options are Focused, Informational or Inspirational.  We chose Inspirational.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser

Inspirational is a nice change from other browser looks, akin to Windows 10 login screen.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser

What’s the New ‘Edge’ ?

The new Edge is based upon the Chromium open source project to create better web compatibility for Microsoft’s customers, and less fragmentation of the web for developers. We think this is a smart move on Microsoft’s part and it’s likely going to make them much more relevant and competitive again.

Microsoft has started making contributions to Chromium in areas like accessibility, touch, ARM64 and others. Their plan is to continue working in Chromium rather than a parallel project. They’re working directly with the teams at Google, which is pretty amazing.

How does Edge compare to Chrome?

The mundane truth is, it’s pretty much Chrome in a different wrapper but the awesome thing about that is not only do you know what you’re getting but now you have one extra browser in your arsenal that you know you can rely upon for speed, security and usability which is really great news for developers, it’s always handy to have an extra browser to fire up.

We’ve tested the key features and rated them below, but now it’s your turn.

Where to get the New Edge Browser?

Download Edge Here from the Edge Insider website.

Update #1: There’s no dark mode, WTF!

I’m adding a new star rating for dark mode.


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