Former Liberal Democrat MP denies claims of child sex abuse

Ex-MP tells Exaro and police: paedophile allegations are part of a conspiracy against me

By David Hencke and Mark Watts | 30 May 2015

Allegations that a politician repeatedly raped a girl have prompted a former Liberal Democrat MP to identify himself as the accused and to issue denials.

The ex-MP today spoke to Exaro on condition of anonymity to rebut accusations against him of child sex abuse, claiming that there was a conspiracy against him.

Staffordshire Police is investigating the allegations that the former Liberal Democrat MP raped a girl several times over four years. The MP cannot be named at this stage for legal reasons, but he has no publicly-known connection with Staffordshire.

“There is enough in this to say what is alleged is complete bullshit… I have not committed criminal sexual offences”
– Accused ex-MP

The ex-MP said that he had contacted Staffordshire Police to tell them that the accusations against him are false.

He told Exaro: “I spoke to the police in Staffordshire about a month ago saying that I had been told by people what this was all about.”

“I am quite desperate about not wanting to be named. I do not mind talking about it, but I really do not want to be named.”

He criticised his accusers for not first reporting the allegations to police. “If they were serious about this being an offence, they would have talked about it to the police well before they talked to the media,” he said. “They should have talked to the police first, and allowed them to investigate before it became public.”

“As far as I know, it is not a proper investigation. If the police had allegations against me, they would tell me about it. This has gone on now for a month or so, and the police have not told me of any allegations. It all sounds a bit surreal.”

He also criticised supporters of his accusers, saying: “I contacted the police to say that I believed that there was a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice about to be committed.”

Referring to Esther Baker, who waived her right to anonymity and went on Sky News last week to talk about how she was sexually abused by a politician, police officers and others, he said: “I do not think that she did her case any good.”

“If your primary objective is to get the police to investigate people, then they are not going about it the best way.”

He stressed that he had told police that the allegations were untrue, saying: “I raised concerns that evidence against me was about to be manufactured, be it a fantasy or a fabrication is difficult to work out.”

“To be honest, it is a load of crap,” adding, “these are all awful allegations.”

When it was put to him that more than one woman was making similar claims against him, he maintained his denials.

“Well, I do not know what is going on there,” he said. “There is enough in this to say that what is alleged is complete bullshit. I cannot deal with vague sort of information. I have not committed criminal sexual offences.”

“This is one of your difficulties in being reasonably high-profile. Some idiot somewhere would say this.”

“To be fair, she may have been abused, but it was not by me. I was in a sense nowhere even close. It all sounds odd to me.”

Esther Baker stood by her accusations against the ex-MP.

She was distraught today because she believes that an abuse survivor had told the ex-MP about her accusation against him some months ago. She said that the leak resulted from her confiding in an abuse survivor, even disclosing the name of the politician who allegedly raped her.

In an entirely separate development, Exaro revealed on Thursday that Sussex Police has referred itself for investigation over how it pursued enquiries over the murder of Vishal Mehrotra, the eight-year-old boy who was abducted in 1981 and later found murdered, amid allegations of links to the ‘Westminster paedophile network’.

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