Exaro News Archive Harvey Proctor’s ex-lover talks to Met’s ‘Operation Midland’

Harvey Proctor’s ex-lover talks to Met’s ‘Operation Midland’


Harvey Proctor’s ex-lover talks to Met’s ‘Operation Midland’

Detectives assess information from new witness about critical period for investigation

By Mark Conrad and Mark Watts | 14 September 2015

“That claim is an insult to the LGBT community, as well as victims of child sex abuse” – Harvey Proctor’s former lover

Detectives are assessing evidence provided to them by a man who claims to be an ex-lover of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor, Exaro can reveal.

He has given a statement to the Metropolitan Police Service’s ‘Operation Midland’ about his relationship with Proctor as a newly elected MP in 1979.

The statement sheds no light on allegations by a witness known only as “Nick” against Proctor of child abuse and murder – claims that the former MP strongly denies – but police are evaluating the ex-lover’s information.

Proctor detailed the allegations against him at an extraordinary press conference at the end of last month, a full transcript of which is published on Exaro. He angrily denied all the claims, and denounced the police who are investigating him.

The ex-lover, who cannot be named for legal reasons, rejected Proctor’s accusation that police were conducting a “homosexual witch-hunt”. Proctor’s ex-lover said: “This is absolute nonsense.”

“He is being investigated for sex crimes against children, and the murder of children. These things have nothing to do with being homosexual. That claim is an insult to the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered] community, as well as victims of child sex abuse.”

The ex-lover came forward to police last December after the head of Operation Midland, which is investigating allegations of murder and child sex abuse by the ‘Westminster paedophile network’, appealed for witnesses.

The Met had launched Operation Midland two months earlier after a witness known as “Nick” came forward initially to Exaro, then to police, to give an account of child abuse by a network of powerful men.

We had not named Proctor in connection with the investigation by the time of the police appeal for witnesses.

The following March, Exaro revealed that Operation Midland was raiding Proctor’s house, sparking much media coverage. We still held back from reporting that police were investigating allegations of murder by Proctor, who revealed that himself later.

Detectives were still examining items seized in the raid on Proctor’s home nearly six months later.

For Proctor’s ex-lover, the raid marked a critical point. Despite contacting the Met in response to the appeal for witnesses in December, he had heard nothing back.

He was worried that his message had not reached officers on Operation Midland. So, following the raid in March, he tried again. He also contacted Exaro to ensure that his details reached the right officer.

He said that as a 19-year-old sales assistant he had a consensual sexual relationship with Proctor as a “handsome and personable” 32-year-old MP in the summer of 1979.

The period is of particular interest to Operation Midland.

Proctor’s ex-lover said that their relationship lasted “a couple of months at the most”. He said that Proctor answered a newspaper advertisement in Gay News and thinks that they met in a bar or club.

The ex-lover said: “I was not a rent boy, and did not know any rent boys. In my mind, I was having an affair with an MP that was based solely on sex,” he said. “We never did anything sociable.”

He said that he was a survivor of child sex abuse, stressing that this was not connected to Proctor.

The officer who took the statement from Proctor’s ex-lover told him that it would be passed to the officer in charge of Operation Midland, Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald, for assessment.

Exaro is withholding details of the information provided to police – and currently being assessed by McDonald – for fear of disrupting the criminal investigation.

Operation Midland has interviewed Proctor under caution twice.

Proctor challenged police to prosecute him so that he could “start the process of ridiculing these preposterous allegations in open court.”

He has moved to live with friends abroad, and told the BBC that he would not agree to any more police interviews. He would return to the UK if police wanted to arrest him, he said.

Detectives still regard Nick’s account as credible, and their investigation continues.

Meanwhile, a separate investigation into claims by another witness, “Darren”, who alleges child sex abuse by VIPs, has run aground after he withdrew co-operation with police because they had referred his baby son to social services.

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