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Exaro News Archive Inside story of ‘bribes’ and Sangcom project – part...

Inside story of ‘bribes’ and Sangcom project – part 5


Inside story of ‘bribes’ and Sangcom project – part 5

My life hangs on ‘resistance of Philippe Troyas to accept my being harmed (killed)’

By Frederika Whitehead and Guy Eaton | 24 October 2012

Part 5 of the inside story of ‘bribes’, Saudi Arabia and the Sangcom project…

“I am grateful for your help, and I appreciate that you are as frustrated as I am,” Paterson tells Cheney.

But, as for meeting the same senior EADS executive again, Paterson writes: “I cannot see any possible benefit from speaking to him.” He is “three levels” below Louis Gallois, then chief executive, “I have reported matters to Pedro Montoya, who is one level below Louis Gallois.”

“You have previously mentioned that my situation has been reported to Jussi Itavuori, who is also one level below Louis Gallois.” Itavuori was then head of HR at EADS.

“If this does not move my issue to the top of their ‘to do’ list, then it is the SFO”
– Michael Paterson, former financial controller, GPT Special Project Management

“Remember, GPT’s contract is with the UK MoD, so why are we paying millions to a Cayman company?”

“Please also remember, I made an appointment to see [the EADS executive] in June or July of 2007, specifically to discuss the Cayman payments.

“At that time, I had been an employee of EADS for three months and yet I was sufficiently concerned about these payments that I took the decision to broach the subject with [the EADS executive].

“I also made a stand in late 2007 that resulted in the conference call on December 5, 2007 where [the EADS executive] made his views on my resistance of payments to the Cayman company very clear (the word ‘shit’ being used).”

Still agitated, Paterson e-mails again on the Sunday. He confides in Cheney that he is tired of trying to make the EADS compliance unit take action.

He writes: “Even a day after writing the rant below, I remain quite disturbed about the treatment that we are both receiving.”

“I need to make a decision whether I persevere internally, whilst suffering mind-numbing boredom, or whether I take the statutory directors’ actions to the authorities.”

“I also need your advice on what documentation I may pass to you. The easiest thing I could do is send you the file I originally gave to Philippe Troyas. I recently sent it to Mr Montoya,” adding, “The problem with doing this is that it may overstep the bounds of confidentiality. What do you think?”

Senior executives in EADS were “clearly implicated in the acceptance of corruption”, he writes.

That was the weekend before Paterson sent, from his office on the 20th floor of al-Faisaliah Tower, the chilling e-mail about his conversation with Troyas.

Paterson sends increasingly panic-strewn messages to his friend in Hertfordshire.

Just before 10am on a Monday morning in October 2010, he e-mails Cheney. “Hi Peter,” he writes, “Apologies for the e-mail bombardment.”

He attaches an audio file of the conference call in which he and the EADS executive clashed over the Simec payments.

Less than half an hour later, he sends another e-mail. “Peter,” he writes, “One more for you.”

He attaches an audio file of his conversation with Troyas. “Listen to the Astrium international compliance officer,” he writes.

He says that he has lodged the original audio with his London solicitors.

“Once I have given this one to the SFO, I am immediately giving it to the US DoJ [Department of Justice].” He says that he will provide it to media in the UK, Europe and the US.”

“My life is hanging on the resistance of Philippe Troyas to accept my being harmed (killed).”

Referring to the EADS European Works Council (EWC), a body that represents staff in four divisions across the group, he continues: “Let us stop messing about, and forward this to the EWC chairmen. If this does not move my issue to the top of their ‘to do’ list, then it is the SFO.”

Paterson draws up his schedule of payments totalling just over £14.5 million made by GPT to the two mysterious Cayman companies, and listing the gifts of cars.

Ian Foxley, the Sangcom project’s former programme director, passed the schedule – and Paterson’s personal e-mails – to the SFO.

But Paterson never went to the SFO. He was persuaded to stay and carry on working for GPT in Riyadh for another 20 months.

So far, he has not talked to the authorities. He declined to speak to Exaro.

Former colleagues say that EADS and Paterson came to a deal. Last June, he transferred to another EADS company, Cassidian, as chief financial officer, based in Qatar.

Additional research by Alex Varley-Winter.

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