Exaro News Archive Lord Janner’s parliamentary attendance since ‘Alzheimer’s’

Lord Janner’s parliamentary attendance since ‘Alzheimer’s’


Lord Janner’s parliamentary attendance since ‘Alzheimer’s’

Schedule of 634 days when Labour peer attended House of Lords despite ‘dementia’

By Alex Varley-Winter | 12 May 2015

Labour peer Lord Janner attended the House of Lords on 634 days since giving power of attorney to two of his children over his health

Exaro published the details of Janner’s attendance record, together with the allowances claimed since the former Labour MP signed the lasting power of attorney in April 2009.

“I remember all of this so well, and I am delighted to share my memories with the House today”
– Lord Janner, in House of Lords in 2012

It shows that Janner was an active member of the House of Lords until December 2013, the month when police raided his home as part of their investigation into him over allegations of child sex abuse.

During the period, he often spoke in the House of Lords.

For example, in December 2012, during a debate about the Ugandan Asian community in the UK, Janner said: “I remember all of this so well, and I am delighted to share my memories with the House today and to speak of my experience with the unique and wonderful Ugandan Asian community from 1970, when I had just become an MP for part of Leicester.”

Janner took leave of absence from the House of Lords in October 2014. And a week before the announcement that he would not be prosecuted on 22 counts of sexually abusing nine boys, the House of Lords received a letter signed by Janner to request an extension to his leave of absence.

The details below of Janner’s attendance and allowance claims have been drawn from his expenses claims lodged with the House of Lords.

Exaro also publishes today Lord Janner’s voting record at the House of Lords since he gave power of attorney to his children.

Time period (year, quarters, followed by months)
Number of days attended Allowances claimed (£)
April 2009 – March 2010 136 10,986
April – June 2010 19 1,560
July – September 2010 17 1,369
October – December 2010 47 12,150
January – March 2011 43 12,900
April 2011 7 2,100
May 2011 14 3,900
June 2011 13 2,100
July 2011 12 2,100
August 2011 1 300
September 2011 4 1,200
October 2011 18 3,300
November 2011 18 3,450
December 2011 13 2,400
January 2012 14 2,700
February 2012 14 2,550
March 2012 15 2,700
April 2012 5 1,050
May 2012 13 2,550
June 2012 13 2,400
July 2012 16 2,850
August 2012 0 0
September 2012 0 0
October 2012 14 2,400
November 2012 18 3,000
December 2012 12 2,250
January 2013 17 3,150
February 2013 13 2,250
March 2013 15 2,700
April 2013 5 750
May 2013 9 1,350
June 2013 16 2,250
July 2013 19 2,850
August 2013 1 300
September 2013 0 0
October 2013 16 2,400
November 2013 15 2,100
December 2013 12 0
Total: 634 days


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