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Ottawa Police Association President Matt Skoff has changed his story and now admits it’s his voice in the recordings leaked by Paul Manning.  Last week Skof denied it was him in the recordings.

In a written statement to Postmedia about the recordings, Skof said “some of them are indeed my voice” and added that he’s concerned about the accuracy and context of the recordings.

In the audio, Matt Skof can be heard discussing allegations involving the chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board, Councillor Eli El-Chantiry. Postmedia reported that it has found no evidence to support the allegations, and that some of the allegations were described as inaccurate by a senior police official, weeks before the audio went online.

El-Chantiry denied the allegations made against him, calling them baseless and slanderous.

Last Monday Ottawa’s police Chief Charles Bordeleau referred to the recordings as “false” and said an outside police agency would ensure transparency and impartiality in an investigation, to be focused on the origins of the recordings and the individuals involved.

Last Thursday, OPP Staff Sergeant Carolle Dionne confirmed that the provincial police had received a request to “investigate the leaked audio tapes” and the investigation has been assigned to the Professional Standards Bureau.

Exaro News spoke to the individual that made the recordings, they said “The recordings were in no way modified, manipulated or otherwise tampered with and this can easily be proven and I am willing to do so. Matt Skof’s decision to first deny that it was him in the conversations and now to claim the audio recordings were manipulated is telling and deeply troubling.

To underscore this, the conversations on the undercover operation occurred over several months and increased in chronology and specific details; Further, the allegations were repeated many times prior to the disclosure on the undercover operation. This is not the first time these accusations have surfaced with regard to El-Chantiry, by Skof, OPS officers and other members of the public.

Taking into account Skof’s sworn status and his professional assessment on criminal activities, the focus must be on whether organized crime, or any criminal, has infiltrated Ottawa Police Services and the Ottawa Police Services Board.

A matter of public interest, there is a direct negative impact on the efforts of police in combating criminal activity and their networks – drug and human trafficking and violent crime – and their impact on our communities in Ottawa and across Canada. There was substantial reference to emails sent between El-Chantiry’s secretary and the undercover officer and target and these, and other material evidence, should be subject to a production request.

Coupled with denial and inaccurate statements, there is a distinct concern that public interest is taking a backseat to self-preservation and saving face.”

We will continue to investigate this story and provide further updates in future posts.


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