Police send file on claims of child sex abuse against ex-MP to CPS

Esther Baker alleges politicians, police and others sexually attacked her as under-age girl

By Mark Watts and Tim Wood | 20 May 2016

Police send file on claims of child sex abuse against ex-MP to CPSPolice today submitted a file to the Crown Prosecution Service on allegations against a former MP of raping an under-age girl.

The CPS will decide whether there is sufficient evidence to charge the former MP, along with several other alleged perpetrators of repeated sexual abuse against the girl.

Staffordshire Police interviewed the ex-MP under caution last October over the allegations by Esther Baker, who has waived her right to anonymity, although they have not arrested him. Police arrested one of the other alleged abusers last August.

In a statement today, Staffordshire Police said: “Following a great deal of sensitive work by a small team of detectives, a report in relation to the allegations of sexual assault made by Esther Baker last year will now be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service. This is a normal process for an investigation of this nature, and we will continue to keep Ms Baker informed.”

The ex-MP, who has not been named for legal reasons, has no publicly-known connection with the county.

Baker told Exaro: “I am grateful to Staffordshire Police for the hard work on this case and for the care shown to me. I am just hoping that justice will take its course.”

Staffordshire police launched a full criminal investigation around a year ago after initially “scoping” Baker’s allegations.

Baker alleged to Exaro and Sky News that a politician and police officers were among a group that sexually abused her in woods in Staffordshire.

She also told police that she was sexually abused at a flat in London, which she thinks in hindsight was in Dolphin Square, the apartment complex near Westminster where many MPs have homes.

She says that she was sexually abused from the age of six to at least 12.

In addition, she alleges that a former Labour cabinet minister, now dead, also sexually attacked her. She believes that a Lord and a judge were among her abusers.

Exaro can also reveal that detectives gained access to the late ex-minister’s diaries in their hunt for clues.

Speaking to Exaro on condition of anonymity a year ago, the ex-MP denied the allegations, saying: “I contacted the police to say that I believed that there was a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice about to be committed.”

In a video interview with Exaro, Baker said that she went public because she felt that was safer.

She is one of several abuse survivors who have had to suffer a barrage of smears on social media, which are themselves under police investigation.

She said today: “The hardest part of the police investigation has been the attacks by others, both in mainstream media and on social media, who have sought to discredit my case. They have spread pure lies about me that I am unable to challenge legally because it relates to the ongoing case.”

Baker was on the panel for Exaro’s debate in January on child sex abuse.

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