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Exaro News Archive Revealed: diaries and receipts for guest house in police...

Revealed: diaries and receipts for guest house in police probe


Revealed: diaries and receipts for guest house in police probe

Exaro tracks down papers of Elm Guest House from period of MPs’ alleged child abuse

By David Pallister | 19 December 2012

Revealed: diaries and receipts for guest house in police probeDocuments from the guest house at the centre of allegations about child abuse have been tracked down by Exaro.

Some of the VIPs who allegedly went to Elm Guest House in the early 1980’s are named in the papers. The documents include copies of pages from the diaries of the guest house, receipts, bank paying-in slips and other notes.

Exaro revealed on Friday that events at the former guest house in Barnes, south-west London are at the centre of ‘Operation Fairbank’, under which the Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit is “scoping” a wide variety of claims against several senior political figures of sexual abuse of children.

The documents seen by Exaro identify two former Conservative cabinet ministers.

They name eight further MPs: five other Tories, two Labour and one Liberal. Two of the Conservative MPs, and the Labour and Liberal MPs have since died.

Several figures with links to the Monday Club, a right-wing group within the UK’s Conservative movement, are identified.

Others named include a leading figure in the UK’s National Front, now dead, a Sinn Fein member, two Buckingham Palace officials and two pop stars. At least some were recorded as staying at the guest house under false names, with real identities shown alongside. Against the name of one ex-minister is the note: “Sauna only ‘Roger’.”

Anthony Blunt, the Russian spy and master of the Queen’s paintings who died in 1983, is said to have used the name “Antony Goldstein”.

The documents also identified some 16 boys “recruited” for the guest house from local children’s homes.

A judge, QCs, senior civil servants, a bishop, and a leading banker – none identified by name – were said to have taken part in a “Kings and Queens” party to mark Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981. The banker, according to the notes, wore a dress and pink slippers.

Elm Guest House advertised itself at the time as a “lively” place to stay, with the attractions of a sauna, solarium and video facilities. It was a well-known venue for gay men, but the Met is investigating whether it had a sinister side.

Among its clients, according to the documents, were pimps and porn merchants who allegedly brought in boys from various council-run children’s homes, including nearby Grafton Close. Some of the boys were said to have been taken to Amsterdam as prostitutes, and threatened with violence if they talked.

The documents seen by Exaro were compiled by volunteers of the National Association for Young People in Care (NAYPIC), a government-funded campaign group that has since closed.

Its London development officer, Mary Moss, and Christopher Fay, who was then an adult advisor to the body raised allegations about events at Elm Guest House as witnesses to the inquest for Carole Kasir, who ran the establishment from 1979 to 1982 and was found dead in her flat at the age of 47 in 1990.

Kasir turned to NAYPIC two years earlier for help in seeking the return of her children after they were put into care by the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.

Over two years, Moss and Fay compiled evidence, some of which formed the basis of an anonymised pamphlet published after Kasir’s death, ‘Abuse in the care system,’ based on interviews with 50 young people.

A rough note of one interview says: “Visit to home of A, also present T and D. Both boys currently in the care of Hounslow. Systematically buggered by K and other older boys. Too frightened to complain.”

“Confirmed MP called [name withheld by Exaro], Chris and Peter, both policemen, and a man called [name withheld] (something at Scotland Yard).

“Used to go to parties. Confirmed allegation that [name withheld] there, also others including a judge.”

The police have asked Moss for a meeting, but she says that she does not trust them.

Moss, who is seeking funding to revive NAYPIC, told the police that she wants to discuss Elm Guest House with a cabinet minister.

Just over a week ago, she wrote to Downing Street to request such a meeting, saying that it “would be best dealt with at more senior levels than simply being questioned by police who at the time were involved.”

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