Leaked A4e document sheds light on fiasco over ‘welfare-to-work’ placements

By David Hencke | 23 May 2012

Exaro today publishes the internal audit report of A4e job placements under the UK government’s welfare-to-work programme.

A4e auditors found a wide array of problems with A4e work placements, such as sending job-seekers with unspent criminal convictions to an employer that had insisted on staff with clean records.

The auditors also concluded that more than one in four of the company’s placements was potentially fraudulent, irregular or unverifiable, as revealed by Exaro yesterday.

The audit examined “a sample of job outcomes claimed by the top 20 recruiters across the A4e Work division of A4e Ltd.”

The report says: “The audit has highlighted that potential fraudulent/irregular activity is not confined to one particular geographical area of the division, and shows a potential systematic failure to mitigate the risk towards this behaviour at both an office and regional level.”

Exaro publishes the document in full, although we have redacted the names of A4e recruiters for legal reasons. We have also redacted the names of A4e “clients”, the job-seekers sent on work placements.

Document no longer available.

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