MoD permanent secretary accepted Sir Lester Suffield’s recommendations

By Frederika Whitehead | 26 June 2012

Exaro publishes the response accepting a recommendation to allow “agency fees” of 10 per cent in a huge Saudi defence deal.

Sir Frank Cooper, as permanent secretary of the Ministry of Defence (MoD), approved paying the fees in the Sangcom project to overhaul the Saudi Arabian national guard’s communications systems.

He was writing in response to recommendations from Sir Lester Suffield, then head of the MoD’s Defence Sales Organisation.

On Suffield’s proposal to allow increased profit margins to accommodate other charges, Cooper wrote: “I see no difficulty about what you propose, provided that we do not, at any time, get into a situation where we have undertaken to any purchaser to try to place any contract on the kind of terms that would be obtained by HMG.”

The correspondence between Cooper and Suffield leaves the MoD facing questions over its knowledge about irregular payments linked to Sangcom.

Source documents and file downloads are no longer available.

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