Exaro News Archive Video: ‘Darren’ calls on police to arrest Dolphin Square...

Video: ‘Darren’ calls on police to arrest Dolphin Square abusers


Video: ‘Darren’ calls on police to arrest Dolphin Square abusers

Survivor speaks of child sex abuse near Commons by ‘nasty, violent and dangerous’ MPs

By Mark Watts and Tim Wood | 14 January 2015

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CAUTION: this video interview is chilling and upsetting.

Police should arrest MPs and VIPs who sexually attacked children at Dolphin Square, one survivor of abuse at the apartment complex near Parliament told Exaro.

“Darren”, as he is known to protect his identity, visited Exaro’s studio in Fleet Street to record an anonymous video interview, with his voice distorted.

He talked about the sexual abuse that he suffered as a teenager at Dolphin Square, where many MPs have their London flats. Over the weekend, Exaro revealed how Darren is one of three witnesses who have testified to child sex abuse by MPs and other prominent people at Dolphin Square.

Darren said that he was trafficked to Dolphin Square by the late Peter Righton, who had been regarded as one of Britain’s leading specialists in child care. Righton was a founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which promoted sex with children, and was fined £900 in 1992 for possession of obscene images of children.

Darren told how Righton sexually abused him as a 15-year-old at a country estate, Thornham Magna in Suffolk, and forced him to give oral sex to Charles Napier, who was jailed last month for a series of sexual assaults on boys.

He also described horrific abuse at Dolphin Square, including by a former Conservative cabinet minister who was identified by the other two witnesses as having sexually abused boys at the apartment complex.

In the 11-minute video, Darren says: “There was a cabinet minister specifically who sexually abused me at Dolphin Square.

“He would like boys to wear women’s underwear – specifically knickers – and he would like to find the boys in the knickers and be outraged and punish the boy for this, and then afterwards have oral sex performed upon himself.”

He continues: “He would, when he found me in the knickers, he would say, ‘What are you doing wearing those knickers?’

“Took me to one of the rooms. He beat me quite badly as punishment for wearing women’s underwear, and then afterwards he said, ‘Now you’ve given me an erection, get on your knees.’ And that’s when I had to perform oral sex on him.”

Talking about the abusers at Dolphin Square, he says: “They were nasty. They were violent and dangerous individuals, and perverted.”

Darren believes that one 15-year-old girl was killed after disappearing with another senior Conservative politician into the “medical room”.

He says: “I witnessed one particular girl, who I originally met when I was aged about seven, at a flat in Barnes. I later met her at North Wales and Islington. She was aged 15, and she was taken into a room known as the medical room.

“Normally, this girl, I would meet her in the kitchen, at the flat in Dolphin Square afterwards. I never saw her again.”

Asked what he thinks happened to her, he said: “She’s dead.”

He continues: “Otherwise she would have come into the kitchen, and had a drink and a cigarette afterwards.”

Exaro is not naming the alleged perpetrators for legal reasons.

Darren has been talking to Exaro since August. He says that he was 17 when Righton trafficked him to Dolphin Square. He was below the age of consent at the time, although it is above today.

He says: “Peter Righton knew I was 17. The age of consent at the time was 18. I did not consent, I was scared and under the control of Peter Righton. Action should be taken.”

The police strategy has been to use the current age of consent, 16, as the benchmark for deciding which historical allegations to pursue.

But Darren made this plea to the police: “Please rethink. Please question the people I’ve spoken to you about. And also, speak to the people about the allegations certainly involving the 15-year-old girl at the time.”

He adds: “I would like to see the people I have spoken about arrested, and charged, with the correct offences. I would like to see all the people who persecuted me and discredited me, spoken to and charged if necessary.”

Interviewer: Mark Watts
Camera and lighting: Peter Proniewicz-Brooks
Editing: Natasha Rees
Production: Tim Wood, Alex Varley-Winter and Frederika Whitehead

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