Simon Just majorleak2017 trollexposure

A video of alleged Internet troll “Simon Just” of Kendal who is believed to go by the Twitter handle majorleak2017 and who allegedly runs the trollexposure blog went viral today across several social media platforms, including Twitter and LiveLeak.

Simon Just majorleak2017 trollexposure
Alleged Internet Troll Couple Wielding a Hammer and Stone Boulder

A brief review of the majorleak2017 timeline reveals a dark, destructive and disturbing pattern and an unending, relentless stream of bullying and harassment.

The Twitter timeline is loaded with hundreds of defamatory comments that are directed toward dozens of individuals that the alleged troll, Simon Just has maliciously targeted.

At best most of the derogatory commentary appears to be the work of a dangerous sociopath that even an amateur could interpret as being full of half-truths and lies designed to achieve nothing but bully, harass and harm the reputations of the next unlucky, and unsuspecting victims in the troll’s line of fire.

At worst this could be the work of a dangerous psychopath that’s willing to stop at nothing to cause damage to his victims.  Aggressively approaching people with a hammer and a boulder is not normal behaviour that’s for sure, Just and his wife’s intent was clear, to threaten and intimidate and potentially do physical harm.

The video seems to depict a mirror-image of the vicious, malicious online persona.

Simon Just majorleak2017 trollexposure
Alleged Internet Troll Wields a Hammer

The LiveLeak video demonstrates how the alleged and now infamous Internet troll couple manifest their online aggression and malicious behaviour in “the real world”.

If any proof were needed that online trolls can be dangerous and cause serious harm in “the real world” then this might be it.  Online bullying and harassment is at an all time high and we truly hope that you never become a victim of this nightmare couple’s “hammer and boulder” focus, whether it’s offline or online.

Simon Just

Due to the violent “hammer and boulder” wielding aggressive behaviour, the victim made police aware of the incident and we’ll post an update if we hear anything further from the local police service.

Meanwhile, it’s almost certain that we’ll become the focus of this troll’s next hate campaign but if that happens you can bet we’ll ferociously pursue criminal harassment charges.   As a society we must pull-together and put a stop to online bullying and targeted harassment campaigns, it’s unacceptable and can result in life-changing consequences.

Don’t forget to check out the video to see RL dangerous trolling in action, but be warned – there’s NSFW profanity ahead.

Stay safe online and offline and steer clear of the big bad trolls.

If you’ve been a victim of criminal or workplace harassment or corruption email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help.


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