Exaro News Archive World’s media focus on scandal of child sex abuse...

World’s media focus on scandal of child sex abuse by UK VIPs


World’s media focus on scandal of child sex abuse by UK VIPs

Broadcasters highlight how Exaro leads exposure of ‘Westminster paedophile network’

By Exaro Team | >8 April 2015

World’s media focus on scandal of child sex abuse by UK VIPsMedia across the world have increasingly focussed their attention on the ‘Westminster paedophile network’ that operated in the UK over many years.

Overseas broadcasters and other international media have run special reports on “the biggest political scandal in Britain’s post-war history”, often featuring Exaro as its investigation uncovers shocking evidence that exposes the UK’s establishment – including Parliament, Whitehall and the BBC.

For overseas outlets, beyond the horror of claims of widespread child sex abuse by MPs and other prominent people in the UK and allegations of the murder of boys, there is intense interest in parallels with their own countries.

They often highlight the role of Exaro in uncovering the scandal, fascinated how a small, new media outlet has led the way on a story that the mainstream media missed or avoided covering over decades.

From America to Australia, from Ireland to Belgium, horrified viewers and readers have been brought up to date with a story that the British media tried for so long to ignore even as Exaro started more than three years ago to piece together the picture of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’, operating at venues such as the notorious Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square, the apartment complex near Parliament.

Reuters filmed an interview with Mark Watts, Exaro’s Editor-in-Chief, for a special report for television news programmes throughout the world. In addition, several overseas channels have compiled special reports on the story. For example, Auslands Journal on Germany’s ZDF filmed at Dolphin Square and at Exaro’s office for a report that included an interview with Watts.

In France, Canal Plus ran a special news report on the ‘Westminster paedophile network’, featuring interviews with Exaro’s Mark Conrad about the alleged murders of three boys in separate killings and Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP who wrote a book about child sex abuse by the late Sir Cyril Smith, the former Liberal MP who died in 2010.

Exaro has often featured on domestic broadcasters, but James O’Brien on LBC was the most on the ball on the subject, running a series of five special items since July 2014. LBC has produced free podcasts of the items, which featured interviews with Watts by O’Brien.

Beyond broadcasters, the unfolding story has also been covered in a wide array of overseas newspapers and magazines, from the Irish Independent to Time magazine, Huffington Post and the Daily Beast, each crediting Exaro for its critical role.

In one of the most comprehensive overviews, Vice magazine reported last November how British police were investigating allegations that senior politicians were involved in the murder of boys.

Watts told Vice that Exaro still had much to reveal, saying: “We want the police investigation to work, and there is a long history of the police failing to investigate these kinds of claims, so one of the factors in our mind all the time is to limit what to reveal in order not to disrupt the police investigation.”

In December, Vice returned to the subject, noting that the Sunday People and Exaro, which have often worked in partnership on specific stories in the long-running investigation, were the publications at the forefront on the issue.

“I think that we have come across the biggest political scandal in Britain’s post-war history,” Watts told the magazine.

Exaro and the Sunday People were “highly commended” last month in the newspaper industry’s Press Awards for 2014 for ‘news team of the year’.

And Vice again returned to the story in February, saying that Exaro had “taken a lead in reporting on the scandal”.

Exaro, from its small office on Fleet Street, overlooking St Bride’s Church, has become a key part of the itinerary in London for many news teams from across the world.

Even before the international media covered Exaro’s investigation into the ‘Westminster paedophile network’, overseas broadcasters often featured the investigative website.

Exaro’s disclosure in 2013 of a secret recording of private comments made by the media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, to a group of arrested journalists from The Sun, made headlines around the world. Watts was interviewed for news programmes from many countries, including Australia’s flagship current-affairs programme, Four Corners.

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Press Awards nominates Exaro and Sunday People jointly | 758 words

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