Tuesday. 25 October 2016

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‘Operation Midland’ investigates Tory MP over boy’s murder

Met also probes slaying of second boy in sex attack in front of former cabinet minister

There will be other people who know… Perhaps they can now come forward


Detectives are investigating an allegation that a young boy was murdered by a Conservative MP during a sickening sex attack.

The Metropolitan Police Service’s paedophile unit, under ‘Operation Midland’, is also investigating a claim that a second boy was murdered during a depraved sexual assault in the presence of a former Conservative cabinet minister.

Exaro, which has been investigating the murder cases over many months, helped to arrange for a key witness to pass his crucial testimony to the Met. We can reveal that, as a result, the police are also investigating the murder of a third boy around 30 years ago by members of a paedophile network of MPs and other VIPs.

We are keeping the witness’s identity confidential, and have called him “Nick”. He said: “The MP was particularly nasty, even among the group of people who sexually abused me and others. I still find it difficult to talk about these incidents after all these years.”

The Met announced on Friday that Operation Midland was investigating historical allegations of child sex abuse and “possible homicide”.

The Met said in a statement: “Detectives from the child abuse investigation command are working closely with colleagues from the homicide and major crime command concerning this information, which is being looked at under the name of Operation Midland.”

Nick told Exaro and the police how he saw a former Conservative MP – before he left Parliament – strangle a boy to death during a sexual assault. The murder, according to Nick, was at an “abuse party” at a town house in central London around 1980.

He said: “I watched while that happened. I am not sure how I got out of that. Whether I will ever know why I survived, I am not sure.”

He has provided detectives with a graphic, written account of the attack, which he compiled before he contacted them.

Nick said that he was picked up at an agreed meeting point and driven into central London. The chauffeur-driven car stopped at a property on the way, he said, to collect the boy who would later be murdered.

Nick described the boy as brown-haired and looked to him to be around 12.

They were driven to the town house to be sexually abused, according to Nick’s account. During the journey, the two boys were so terrified that they did not speak to each other for fear of punishment.

Nick does not know the name of the victim.

At a meeting with detectives from the Met’s paedophile unit, at which the witness insisted that our reporter was present, Nick passed to them the name of the MP who allegedly murdered the boy, along with a list of other prominent people who, he says, sexually and physically abused him.

Nick said that his abusive father supplied him to the paedophile network of VIPs.

According to his harrowing account to police, two men whose names he did not know killed a second boy during a savage physical attack in front of a separate MP, a former Conservative cabinet minister. He dates this killing at between a year and 18 months after the strangling of the boy in the town house.

This attack so traumatised Nick that he has asked us not to report any further detail about what took place.

Exaro has also withheld many details of the deaths to avoid hindering the police investigation.

The ex-minister, said Nick, repeatedly raped him and other boys aged between 10 and 14 at “abuse parties” at Dolphin Square and elsewhere.

Both former MPs are alive.

In the third murder, Nick tells how someone in the paedophile network deliberately ran over and killed a boy aged 10 or 11 in broad daylight in a street in south-west London in the summer of 1979. Nick took it to be a warning to him.

Nick helped the Met compile “e-fit” pictures of the three boys who were killed.

He told Exaro: “There will be other people who know about the punishment and abuse carried out by this group. Drivers of the cars who took the boys to venues, staff at the venues. Perhaps they can now come forward."

Exaro reports led to Operation Midland and the Met’s homicide investigation.

Read more of Nick’s story on Exaro soon. If you have information that might help our investigation, please contact us. Keep re-visiting Exaro for more on this investigation.

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Article Comments

Thankyou for your persistence and bravery in reporting these issues, every other news outlet seems to want this to go away and the silence from the main stream is deafening. Bill Maloney and his team along with a few others has chased and chased this issue until it nearly drives them mad thank God that it is finally coming into the public arena unfortunately the establishment will push against anything to do with this with all there might we need ordinary people on our side and lots of them, this could be the issue that breaks the dam of lies and coverup througho ut our so called democracy, lets hope so. Thanks again Exaro
Google "The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects"
Very brave man,what a hero he is. Peodofillia and satanism are all connected.People where ridiculing Icke on this matter for years but what he said is True. The rabbit hole goes very deep and some of the Elites worship this god, which in links to sick Peodofiilia. People must wake up to this,and whitsleblowers must be protected. The real heroes are the victims and the people speaking out about this issue. It has come out to the public domain now, and people must accept that this thing is happening around the world!!! It is the issue that will break the camels back!!!
Keep up this pressure, it only appears to be the Mirror that is reporting this in the mainstream media. The Sun and any other Tory rags barely a mention. This filth needs to be exposed and people in this country need to finally wake up and see what's been going on and is still going on systematic organised child abuse by the establishment. Cameron, clegg, milliband all know it's the truth and are hoping this will all blow over. Just hope Mr Dromey knocks on my door next election time, god help him if he does, I will never ever vote for any of these mainstream parties the rest of my life. If they aren't part of it they cover it up for ones that are, we need a revolution, the people need to march on Westminster and throw these evil child abusing rich fat greedy scum bags out on their ear's. These 2 living MP's need to be named arrested and executed, I have a fairly good idea who one of them is and I am sure everyone who has followed this does to!!!!
The Morning Star newspaper is also campaigning on this issue and has been for years.
I've experienced backlash from a similar investigation and everyone should know what they've gotten into including the police and anyone opening their mouth. These guys will stop at nothing to discredit every piece of evidence, every investigator, take every angle on everyone involved until there's nothing left. Be prepared to have your lives and careers destroyed then live the rest in fear
Spot on
Deep Respect to you Exaro.. I have been banging on for years, about paedophiles employed by the Home Office during the 1970s & 80s. Only a matter of time before the spotlight falls on the 190 named paedophiles employed by the Home Office given to the Devon & Cornwall police during 'Operation Lentisk' and Avon & Somerset polie's 'Operation React'. The 4,000 victims of childhood sexual abuse applaud your courage. Only 3 paedophiles recieved sentences. Only 187 now to face Justice.
Well the shirt will really hit the fan. I hope this lifts it.
Excellent investigative reporting and gritty determination to pursue the facts and hold power to account. Good to see my old mentor David Hencke still hacking away. The Morning Star newspaper is also campaigning relentlessly on this story and will continue to do so.
Interesting investigation. During the same time, there was a similar scandal in the US. It was called the Franklin Credit Union Scandal. According to many who researched the story, this scandal went to the highest levels of government. Certainly a lot of effort was made to discredit the witnesses, including threats of criminal prosecution. Despite their extensive testimony, most of the children were forced to recant their testimony. In the end the matter was left in the air and many people felt justice was never served. I mention this because there were many similarities to your investigation so I was wondering if you had heard about this.
This is important work. However, you need to be careful about the language you use. To describe an alleged attack as "sickening" is to imply you believe it actually (as opposed to may have) happened. Ditto with the use of "depraved" in the second paragraph. As a long-standing investigative reporter, I would avoid these loaded, sensational adjectives. If you mean to say you believe these acts took place, then you should say so. But all credit to you for helping to keep the issue alive ... Paddy French Rebecca Television
Good points, Paddy French Rebecca. Serious question: Does the same implication apply when one calls something a "scandal." From my understanding, the term scandal doesn't necessarily imply the statements are true. Scandals can be- and often are- based on false information. (Apologies if this is off-topic.)
It makes me wonder what has been happening in the period after that covered by historic allegations. It may still be happening today.
Thank you very much for this outstanding piece of invastigative journalism. Nick should be awarded for his bravery.
Heaven only knows where this will end. "Who guards the guards?"
The buck stops at the very top of the pyramid.
I was in London at this time ....I worked for the later disgraced Bank of Credit and Commerce, running a Property Section both rentals and purchases for our wealthiest clients. One of my ventures was to rent ten properties for a year and then sub let them or use them as guest apartments for clients on shorter lets. I lived in Putney for a while then moved to The Water Gardens managed by Chestertons as Church Commissioners for the Crown? I had model membership at Stringfellows and used to visit weekly for dinner and clubbing although I declined the after party invitations. Dolphin Square rings a bell although I don't think it was directly on my management portfolio. We managed Marc Bolan's flat too. I made a video clip about this stuff on one of my two youtube channels....was post surgery and not medicated but post trauma mode but facts are there....can't help feeling I might have some missing pieces of jigsaw. Have worked in journalism a bit, mostly in Ireland where I now live. Also a survivor though not of this particular nasty scenario....great work. Delighted to find this site.
The Water Gardens just off Edgware Road was full of strange, very weathy men
I hope the old bill as Nicks back covered.
Well, folks, I disclosed the Op Ore database to Op Fernbridge and now the UK State illegally harass me, and my urgent Rule 39 Application is with the European Court of Human Rights re. 5496/15 breach by the UK State of Art. 6, Art. 8 and Art. 10. And now the funsters at Hampshire Police are seeking, as of yesterday (2/3/15) to harass my wife. I respectfully refer The Hampshire Constabulary to the Part 18 reply given in the matter "Arkell v Pressdram Limited (1971)". Thank you, and Good Morning.

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