Saturday. 18 April 2015

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Carole Kasir ‘boasted about VIPs who visited Elm Guest House’

Brothel owner Carole Kasir boasted to friends about high-profile visitors to her guest house. Three decades later, that guest house is at the centre of a police investigation into VIP paedophiles. Kasir liked to joke especially about people from the pop world who frequented her Edwardian home in a leafy residential road in Barnes, south-west London – the notorious Elm Guest House.

BBC at war over Panorama on claims of VIP paedophile network

BBC News is at loggerheads with Panorama over plans for a programme that seeks to “debunk” claims of a ‘Westminster paedophile network’. Panorama embarked on the programme even though the BBC is already reeling from the paedophile activities of one of its biggest stars, the late Jimmy Savile, and the canning of an expose by BBC2’s Newsnight of his sexual abuse of children.

Ministers block move to lift Official Secrets Act for CSA scandal

Ministers defeated a move to amend the Official Secrets Act to ensure that it bars no one from giving evidence about VIP paedophiles. Exaro can reveal that the government blocked an attempt by Labour MP John Mann to make the change to the act despite assurances repeated last week by Theresa May, home secretary, and David Cameron at prime minister’s questions.

Leon Brittan: IPCC investigates claim of ‘cover-up’ for top Tory

Scotland Yard is under investigation for allegedly shelving operations that might have exposed former home secretary Lord Brittan as a paedophile. Exaro can reveal that the investigation announced by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) on Monday includes allegations that the Yard suppressed evidence of child sex abuse by Brittan as well as by VIPs at Elm Guest House in south London. Updated 27 March 2015

Police see Pimlico property as key to ‘paedophile murder’ case

Detectives believe that a specific flat in central London’s Pimlico may be key to the alleged murder of a boy by the ‘Westminster paedophile network’. Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service’s ‘Operation Midland’ are investigating whether the Pimlico property – identified to them by Exaro – may help unlock the dark secrets of a group of VIP paedophiles.

Police raid Leon Brittan’s properties in London and Yorkshire


Police raided the two homes of former home secretary Lord Brittan last week as they investigate allegations of child sex abuse, Exaro can reveal. In a highly-secret operation, detectives from the Metropolitan Police Service’s ‘Operation Midland’ swooped on the late Lord Brittan’s houses in London and Yorkshire on Wednesday. They also raided the home of the former head of the armed forces, Lord Bramall.

Harvey Proctor denies attending Dolphin Square ‘sex parties’


Former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor today denied that he went to “sex parties”. He confirmed that police turned up at his house yesterday with a search warrant, as revealed by Exaro. He said that detectives have also told him that they want to interview him as part of their investigation, and he urged them to do so “at the earliest opportunity”. Updated 5 March 2015 4pm

Police raid Harvey Proctor’s home under ‘Operation Midland’

Police today raided the property of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor as part of an investigation into historical allegations of child sex abuse. Detectives from Scotland Yard’s ‘Operation Midland’, together with local officers, searched Proctor’s house near Grantham, Lincolnshire. His home is part of the 16,000-acre estate of Belvoir Castle, which is owned by the Duke and Duchess of Rutland.

Met opens new probe into Tony McSweeney and Grafton Close


Priest Tony McSweeney faces a fresh investigation over the sexual abuse of boys at a children’s home in the London borough of Richmond. Police are investigating claims from a new witness who says that he was sexually abused as a boy at Grafton Close children’s home by McSweeney and two other members of staff. McSweeney was convicted last week of child sex abuse at the home. Updated 27 March 2015

Tony McSweeney found guilty of abusing boy at Grafton Close

Priest Tony McSweeney was today found guilty of sexually abusing a boy at a children’s home in the London borough of Richmond. McSweeney, 68, was convicted of one charge of indecently assaulting a 15-year-old boy at Grafton Close children’s home between 1979 and 1981, but cleared of three further counts. He was also convicted of three charges of making indecent images of children.


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