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Online Media Awards shortlists Exaro for best breaking story

Exaro has been nominated for ‘breaking news story of the year’ in this year’s Online Media Awards for revealing the findings of the Smith review. We have been shortlisted in the awards for online journalism, covering the year to March 2016, for revealing details of the leaked report of the review into sexual abuse by the late BBC star, Sir Jimmy Savile, at the broadcaster.

Police probe ‘cover-up’ over Peter Morrison, Exaro debate hears

Police have opened an investigation into why allegations against Tory grandee Sir Peter Morrison of sexually molesting underage boys were dropped. Paul Connew, former editor of the Sunday Mirror, made the disclosure at Exaro’s panel debate on child sex abuse. And Robert Montagu, son of another late former Conservative MP, Victor Montagu, made an impassioned plea for mandatory reporting of child sex abuse.

Exaro panel debate: ‘Did the UK cover up over child sex abuse?’

Exaro will later this month hold its second panel debate. It will be on: “Did the UK establishment and media cover up over child sex abuse?” As Exaro raises ever sharper questions about the conduct of several UK institutions, including the media, over the sexual abuse of children, I shall be chairing what is set to be an illuminating debate – with another top-flight panel.

Mark Watts on RT’s Sputnik: BBC’s attack on abuse survivors

Exaro Editor-in-Chief Mark Watts told how a survivor of child sex abuse attempted suicide after BBC Panorama’s attack on similar witnesses in police investigations. Watts spoke to Russia Today’s Sputnik, presented by George Galloway, about the impact of BBC1’s Panorama on abuse survivors. Our editor also talked about the Panorama to LBC’s James O’Brien, BBC Radio 4’s Media Show, and BBC2’s Newsnight.

Tony Gallagher at Exaro debate: investigations are key for Press

Newly-appointed Sun editor Tony Gallagher made a clarion call for investigative journalism while speaking at the inaugural Exaro debate. Gallagher was one of four leading lights from the journalism industry on the panel for the inaugural Exaro debate in Fleet Street – including our own David Hencke, along with Glenda Cooper and Peter Jukes. We have uploaded the video of the full, fascinating debate.

Exaro panel debate: ‘Did media ever hold power to account?’

Exaro is to hold a panel debate in September on: “Did the media ever hold power to account?” As questions over the effectiveness of the media in holding power to account fall ever sharper into focus, I shall be chairing what promises to be a fascinating debate in the heart of Fleet Street with journalists who have absolutely been at the frontline of it.

German TV runs report about Britain’s ‘politician paedophiles’

Germany’s Weltspiegel aired a report with Exaro’s help about allegations of child sex abuse against politicians in the UK. The current-affairs programme featured an interview with Esther Baker, who alleges that a former MP and others, including then-serving police officers, sexually abused her as a girl. It included an interview with Mark Watts, Exaro’s Editor-in-Chief, and John Mann, Labour MP.

Mark Watts returns to RT’s Sputnik: VIPs and child sex abuse

Russia Today’s George Galloway talked to Exaro Editor-in-Chief Mark Watts in what turned out to be a remarkably prescient interview. They discussed a series of developments on the exposure of the scandal of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’ since Watts appeared on Galloway’s programme in June. Within days, Sir Edward Heath, former British prime minister, was named as being under investigation by police.

Australia’s 60 Minutes makes ‘special’ on UK’s VIP paedophiles

Australia’s Channel 9 today broadcast a special report on 60 Minutes about the ‘Westminster paedophile network’. Exaro helped 60 Minutes to make the half-hour film, the main story on this week’s edition of the programme. Ross Coulthart, the reporter on the special investigation, described it as “Britain’s biggest ever scandal”, adding: “This is the story that will rock the British establishment.”

Mark Watts tells RT’s Sputnik about ‘Britain’s biggest scandal’


Exaro’s exposure of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’ was the topic of discussion when Editor-in-Chief Mark Watts appeared on ex-MP George Galloway’s programme on Russia Today. Watts described it as “the biggest political scandal in post-War Britain.” Galloway said that he could not think of a bigger one before the War. Exaro has forced the authorities in the UK to focus on the issue.


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