Sunday. 5 July 2015

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Police raided this former officer in ‘cover-up’ for Lord Janner

Police face accusations that they staged a raid to seize evidence of paedophilia by then Labour MP Greville Janner as part of a massive cover-up. Exaro has obtained a sensational statement by a former police officer who gave a detailed account of how his home was raided in an attempt to collect potentially crucial evidence – personal letters between Janner and a boy.

Commentary: my frustration over rape probe into Leon Brittan

For me, it was very difficult to go to the police about the rape that I endured in 1967 as a student in London. “Jane” writes about gathering the courage to report her rape complaint against Leon Brittan, who would become home secretary. Police must be looking into allegations about Brittan, she thought. But she was disappointed with outcome of the police investigation.

CPS refuses to advise police on rape case against Leon Brittan

Prosecutors are refusing to tell Scotland Yard whether it had enough evidence to charge former home secretary Lord Brittan with raping a young woman. The refusal has prompted frustration among detectives and for the complainant, known only as “Jane”. The police still wanted to know whether their case was strong enough to prosecute the Conservative peer were it not for his death.

Police quiz paedophile Charles Napier in prison over new claims

Police have interviewed paedophile Charles Napier in prison over fresh evidence first reported on Exaro of child sex abuse. Officers visited the former teacher behind bars this week to talk to him about allegations that he sexually abused a 15-year-old boy, known only as “Darren”, who became the third witness to give an account to Exaro of VIP paedophiles at Dolphin Square.

Inquiry into child sex abuse to hire 21 barristers in ‘lawyer-fest’

Justice Lowell Goddard is looking to hire 20 more barristers to help her run the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse. The move has caused anger among abuse survivors and their representatives. One warned that it would deter nervous witnesses from coming forward. Goddard has given the role of finding 20 barristers – including 10 QCs – to Ben Emmerson, counsel to the inquiry.

Revealed: how Lord Janner lobbied for Israel as backbench MP

Former Labour MP Lord Janner personally pressed India’s prime minister Indira Gandhi to open up diplomatic relations with Israel, Exaro can reveal. Janner has been at the centre of a storm since Alison Saunders, director of public prosecutions (DPP), provoked fury in April after announcing that he would not be prosecuted over 22 counts of sexually abusing nine boys because of “severe” dementia.


Kincora staff took boys to Europa for sexual abuse by guests

Kincora abuse survivor Richard Kerr today reveals how he was taken as a boy to be sexually abused by guests at the Europa hotel. In explosive testimony to Exaro, Kerr gives an account of being one of two boys who were trafficked to the world-famous hotel in central Belfast by Kincora staff, who forced him to have sex with guests there.

Three women name former Liberal Democrat MP as paedophile

Three women have come forward to allege that the same former Liberal Democrat MP carried out sex attacks on them as girls, Exaro can reveal. They include Esther Baker, who waived her right to anonymity and went on Sky News last week to talk about how she was sexually abused by a politician, police officers and others in woods in Staffordshire.

Vishal Mehrotra: Sussex Police refers its murder probe to IPCC

Sussex Police has referred itself for investigation over how it pursued enquiries over the murder of schoolboy Vishal Mehrotra. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) confirmed that it had received the referral amid claims that the eight-year-old boy’s abduction in 1981 and murder were linked to the ‘Westminster paedophile network’. Vishal’s partial remains were found in 1982 in woodland in West Sussex.

Lord Janner re-appointed to law committee despite ‘dementia’

Former Labour MP Lord Janner was re-appointed to a parliamentary committee last June despite being “too ill” with dementia to be interviewed by police. Exaro has established that the peer was re-appointed to Parliament’s joint committee on consolidation bills – which deals with complex “exceptionally difficult” issues of law – six months after detectives raided his home in their investigation into child sex abuse.


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