Monday. 26 January 2015

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Commentary: skulduggery besieges inquiry into child sex abuse

Another survivor of child sex abuse who backs the panel charged with carrying out the overarching inquiry into the issue writes an open letter. As the panel faces being scrapped, he writes to its members and secretariat to say how he had placed his trust in them. But he warns that dark forces are working against them in their vitally important mission. 

Daniel Morgan inquiry: panel poleaxed by row over police files

Members of the panel for the independent inquiry into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan have been dogged by a fractious dispute. Exaro can reveal that a retired judge, Sir Stanley Burnton, resigned from chairing the panel following a furious row over how to respond to objections by Scotland Yard to handing over internal files on the case to the inquiry.

Video: ‘Darren’ calls on police to arrest Dolphin Square abusers

Police should arrest MPs and VIPs who sexually attacked children at Dolphin Square, one survivor of abuse at the apartment complex near Parliament told Exaro. “Darren”, as he is known to protect his identity, visited Exaro’s studio in Fleet Street to record an anonymous video interview. He talked about the sexual abuse that he suffered as a teenager at Dolphin Square, favoured by many MPs.

Commentary: panel for inquiry into child sex abuse must stay

Theresa May, you may have heard a small part of my story. A survivor of sex exploitation during her childhood makes an impassioned plea to the home secretary not to scrap the independent panel that is holding the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse. She tells how the hope and trust that she placed in the panel would be dashed if it is scrapped. She fears that the views of the majority of abuse survivors are being drowned out by a vocal few.

Dolphin Square: third witness tells of child sex abuse by MPs

Exaro can reveal that a third witness has come forward to testify to being sexually abused as a boy at Dolphin Square by VIPs. He names the same former Conservative cabinet minister identified by the other two witnesses as having sexually abused boys at the apartment complex near Parliament. He fears that one girl was killed after disappearing with another top Tory.

Home Office mandarins ‘are seeking to subvert abuse inquiry’


Members of the independent panel that is running the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse are accusing Home Office officials of attempting to subvert it. Panel members believe that officials are trying to bounce Theresa May, home secretary, into disbanding the panel. And this is despite the overwhelming backing for the panel from scores of abuse survivors who attended consultative meetings.

Charles Napier jailed in first triumph for ‘Operation Fairbank’

Paedophile Charles Napier was today jailed for 13 years as a result of police investigations into a network of powerful people who sexually abused children. Napier prison’s sentence came after he pleaded guilty last month to 28 charges of indecent assault against 21 boys between 1967 and 1972. He also admitted two more charges today against two additional boys.

Paedophile operations: ex-police to submit dossier to Met chief


Former police officers who revealed on a private online forum a cover-up for VIP paedophiles are to submit a dossier of statements to Scotland Yard. The ex-officers agreed to draw up statements on their claims that police operations against paedophiles were halted as they uncovered evidence about prominent people. They plan to deliver them to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Scotland Yard’s commissioner.

Police to ask ‘Nick’ to try to identify victims from ‘missing boys’

Detectives are narrowing down 200 cases of missing boys to compile a shortlist of possible victims of murder by the ‘Westminster paedophile network’. Under ‘Operation Midland’, they are preparing to show photographs of a selection of missing boys to the key witness known as ‘Nick’ in an attempt to identify three alleged victims of murder by a network of powerful paedophiles.

Theresa May to scrap panel for inquiry into child sex abuse

Home secretary Theresa May is to disband the panel for the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse, Exaro can exclusively reveal. She wrote to each member of the panel at the end of last week to say that she is considering turning it into a statutory inquiry or setting up a Royal Commission. But her move has prompted fury among panel members.


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