Tuesday. 9 February 2016

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Janet Smith clashes with DJ ‘A7’ over abuse inquiry at BBC

Retired judge Dame Janet Smith has clashed with an unnamed disc-jockey over her inquiry into BBC star Sir Jimmy Savile, Exaro can reveal. The unnamed DJ is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl, who committed suicide a month later. The DJ’s lawyers demanded to see what Smith planned to write about the case in her inquiry report, which was leaked to Exaro.

Analysis: why Exaro ran disclosures from leaked Smith review

We published disclosures from the leaked report of the BBC-commissioned inquiry into Sir Jimmy Savile because of an overwhelming public interest. Exaro’s Editor-in-Chief and its lead reporter on the story say that the unwarranted delay in the report’s publication added to the torture of the scores of survivors of sexual abuse by Savile and others at the BBC who had testified to the inquiry.

BBC knew of Savile inquiry’s findings more than a year ago

BBC bosses have known the damning findings of Dame Janet Smith’s inquiry on the corporation’s failings on star presenter Jimmy Savile for over a year. This is made clear in the draft report of Smith’s “review” of the late Savile’s sexual attacks at the BBC, which has been leaked to Exaro, and was completed over a year ago.

Margaret Thatcher urged knighthood for ‘lurid’ Jimmy Savile

Dame Janet Smith takes a swipe at Lady Thatcher for persisting as prime minister in recommending a knighthood for Jimmy Savile despite long-running objections. In the report of her inquiry into the late Savile’s sexual attacks at the BBC, the retired judge recounts how the honours committee initially advised against it.

Top of the Pops exposed by Janet Smith’s inquiry into abuse

Dame Janet Smith’s inquiry raises evidence of sexual abuse of girls at Top of the Pops that goes far wider than Sir Jimmy Savile’s activities. Exaro can reveal that she explores evidence that he and others sexually abused young girls from audiences of Top of the Pops – including some underage.

BBC staff to Janet Smith: we heard of Jimmy Savile’s exploits

More than 100 BBC employees told Dame Janet Smith’s inquiry that they had heard about Sir Jimmy Savile’s predatory sexual conduct, Exaro can reveal. The retired judge says in her inquiry report – leaked to Exaro – that some had assumed that BBC management must have been aware of Savile’s reputation.

Jimmy Savile: Janet Smith’s damning review leaked to Exaro

Retired judge Dame Janet Smith condemns BBC culture over Sir Jimmy Savile’s paedophile activities at the broadcaster in her inquiry report leaked to Exaro. In a searing indictment of the BBC, Smith criticises the corporation for a “very deferential culture”, its “untouchable” stars and “above the law” managers.

Lord Bramall demands apology from police over investigation

Former head of the armed forces Lord Bramall wants the police to apologise for their investigation into him over allegations of child sex abuse. The 92-year-old former general is due to meet his solicitor today to discuss whether to press the Metropolitan Police Service for an apology after it dropped its investigation into him on Friday because it found “insufficient evidence” to proceed. Updated 19 January 2016

Jersey’s former deputy police chief slams island’s abuse inquiry

Jersey’s former deputy police chief is set to accuse the island’s inquiry into child sex abuse of losing its focus when he gives evidence tomorrow. Talking to Exaro ahead of his evidence session, Lenny Harper said that abuse survivors are playing second fiddle” in the inquiry. He said that it had been distracted by criticisms of his high-profile police investigation into abuse allegations in Jersey.

IPCC probes Panorama source over leaking of CSA survivors’ IDs

Scotland Yard has passed to Britain’s police watchdog its investigation into a detective suspected of leaking identities of complainants in abuse cases to BBC1’s Panorama. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) will itself carry out the investigation into the senior detective over claims that he leaked confidential details about witnesses who made allegations of child sex abuse by MPs and other VIPs.


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