Monday. 24 October 2016

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Our mission

Good journalism is about publishing insightful, useful and reliable information. It can have commercial value in addition to social value in terms of improving public awareness and debate. It does not come cheap; good journalism requires serious resources.

Exaro is about good journalism.

Much of the output of the mainstream media is ‘churned’ from the product of ‘public relations’, or results from narratives at odds with the evidence or from unethical behaviour.

We publish articles without ideological, political or commercial bias. We act ethically, in the public interest, and base the claims that we make on evidence. We provide readers with information to help them in their commercial, professional and private decision-making.

We dig into material provided to us by well-informed sources and into the ever larger stores of data dumped into the public domain. We dig out what is significant, often against the resistance of vested interests and bureaucratic inertia. 

Our readers are given not only competitive advantage, but a chance to contribute to – and be part of – a more informed community, and to begin the fight-back against ‘spin’ and manipulation of power. 


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