Wednesday. 29 June 2016

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Our people

The editorial team is led by our Editor-in-Chief, Mark Watts, journalist, author, and broadcaster. He is the co-founder of the FOIA Centre, which specialises in research using ‘open-access’ laws, such as the Freedom of Information Act.

He ran the investigations unit at Sunday Business as its chief investigative reporter. He has a strong track-record of breaking agenda-setting, investigative stories while working as a reporter on several national newspapers, including The Sunday Times, The Independent on Sunday, The Sunday Telegraph, and Sunday Express. He also worked on World in Action and an array of other television current-affairs programmes. 

His book, ‘The Fleet Street Sewer Rat’, published in 2005, exposed some of the ‘dark arts’ of British newspapers, years before the phone-hacking scandal brought down the News of the World.

Mark leads a team of seasoned journalists who specialise in investigations together with new talents familiar with the skills needed for data-mining.

Contributors to date have included: Onome Akpogheneta, George Arnett, Crina Boros, Paul Connew, Mark Conrad, Susan Cooke, John Davison, Susan de Muth, Mike Deri Smith, Guy Eaton, Alanah Eriksen, Nick Fielding, Stephen Glover, Mojda Hashemyan, David Hencke, Martin Hickman, Nicholas Jones, Peter Jukes, Hui Shan Khoo, Naomi Lloyd, Steve Lodge, Fiona O’Cleirigh, Richard Orange, David Pallister, Andrea Perry, Keith Perry, Katharine Quarmby, Naomi Scherbel-Ball, Sorana Stanescu, Michelle Stanistreet, Pavel Stroilov, Henry Taylor, Alex Varley-WinterRichard Wachman, Frederika Whitehead, Roger Wilsher, Alison Winward and Tim Wood.

We also regularly feature commentary pieces from a wide range of experts or people who have specific insight, such as Stephen Bolsin, Jerome Booth, Liam Burns, John Brazier, Nick Brown, Lord Carlile, Lord Colville, Lord Empey, Robert Gifford, Frank Haskew, Sally Hunt, Mark Lewis, Ousmène Mandeng, David Pearl, Shonali Routray, John Sauven, Andy Slaughter, Valentina Soria and Neville Thurlbeck.

Our shareholders are people who have contributed materially to the development of the business model, including the editor-in-chief and key members of the management team.  

There is no link between the interests of shareholders and Exaro's editorial stance. Our editorial team is free of any business or commercial agenda.

Our aim is to demonstrate how investigations that help ensure openness and transparency can be an economically valuable part of a global internet-based economy, culture and society.

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