Lord Janner: Met probes ex-MP over ‘VIP paedophile network’

Lord Janner: Met probes ex-MP over ‘VIP paedophile network’Yard’s ‘Operation Midland’ – as well as Leics Police – has been investigating Labour peer

By Mark Conrad | 18 April 2015

Scotland Yard has been investigating allegations that former Labour MP Lord Janner was part of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’, Exaro can reveal.

For six months, the Metropolitan Police Service has – under ‘Operation Midland’ – been investigating claims against the Labour peer of child sex abuse at VIP parties in London.

An abuse survivor, known as “Nick” to protect his identity, said that Janner sexually assaulted him at several unidentified venues in London between 1979 and 1982. Asked how Janner abused him, Nick said: “Everything, including rape.”

The Met’s operation has been running in parallel with a police investigation in Leicestershire into allegations that Janner had sexually abused boys at children’s homes in the county.

The Crown Prosecution Service announced on Thursday that Leicestershire Police had gathered enough evidence under ‘Operation Enamel’ to charge Janner on 22 counts of sexually abusing nine boys – six of buggery and 16 of indecent assault – but that it was not in the public interest to prosecute because he had severe dementia.

Nick said: “They say that he cannot stand trial because he cannot defend himself and he will not understand what is happening. It is sad that the same level of protection was not afforded to the boys abused by him.

“As children, we could not defend ourselves and did not understand what was happening. It did not stop us from being abused.”

Janner’s family issued a statement to deny the allegations against him, describing him as “a man of great integrity and high repute with a long and unblemished record of public service”.

Separate from Leicestershire Police’s Operation Enamel, the Met has been investigating a group of 12 VIPs who were allegedly members of the ‘Westminster paedophile network’, including Janner, Lord Brittan, home secretary between 1983 and 1985, who died in January, two other former Conservative MPs, and the late Sir Peter Hayman, ex-MI6 officer and diplomat.

Nick said that, as a boy, he did not know Janner’s identity. He identified Janner as one of his abusers in June after seeing the Labour peer’s picture in a newspaper.

Speaking at the time, Nick said: “It was only when I saw his face in the newspaper that I realised who he was.”

Exaro’s first report based in part on Nick’s testimony told last July how “a former Labour MP” sexually abused him at what he described as a “grand” town house in central London. The former Labour MP was Janner. Nick also claimed that Brittan and another former Conservative MP sexually assaulted him at the same property.

The town house is understood to have been under police surveillance as part of a wide investigation into paedophiles during the 1980’s. However, the police did not pursue investigations into any of the prominent people captured on surveillance film at the time.

The Met contacted Exaro to ask to speak to the person whom we had named as Nick. He agreed to meet Met detectives last October, with an Exaro reporter in attendance.

Nick passed to the detectives the names of 12 VIPs who, he said, sexually abused him as a boy.

The meeting led the Met to set up Operation Midland to investigate allegations of child sex abuse at various venues, including Dolphin Square, an apartment complex where many MPs have their London homes.

Nick and Exaro’s reporter provided statements to the police on how Janner was identified as an abuser.

Leicestershire Police was aware of Nick’s allegations, but did not include them with Operation Enamel, which already had a lot of witness testimony.

Alison Saunders, director of public prosecutions (DPP), said last week that Operation Enamel passed the “evidential test” to prosecute Janner even though she decided that he was too ill to stand trial.

Speaking about how detectives had treated his allegations against Janner, Nick said: “They have taken them as seriously as everything else, but did not focus too much on him because I do not remember as much detail with him as I did with the others.”

But Nick was taken aback by the DPP’s decision not to prosecute Janner. “My confidence has taken a severe knock – not in terms of the police investigations, but in terms of the system,” he said.

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