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Crime News "Lord Paedophile" & Son, A Tale of Two Janners

“Lord Paedophile” & Son, A Tale of Two Janners


“Lord Paedophile” & Son, A Tale of Two Janners

Greville Ewan Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone or “Lord Paedophile” as one Leicestershire local likes to call him was surrounded by allegations of sex abuse of children dating from 1955. The allegations never lead to any official action, beyond Janner being questioned once, from the first allegations until 2015.

After it was decided in 2015 that he should have been prosecuted earlier, the accusations were to be investigated in a “trial of the facts”. In April 2016 Janner was deemed to be too ill for a criminal trial and he died before it could happen, though allegations against him were included in a major inquiry into historical child sex abuse.

In 1991, the director of a children’s home in Leicestershire, Frank Beck, was convicted of child abuse over 13 years to 1986 and sentenced to five life terms. During the trial, Beck accused Janner of having abused a child, and a witness said that while he was in care Janner had abused him.

Now, some 28 years since the first allegations were made Leicestershire Police inquiries into Lord Janner are being reviewed by the Independent Office for Police Conduct. The IOPC has stated that documents may have been “inappropriately modified” and allegations not even recorded.

The IOPC is investigating Police inquiries from 1991, 2001 and 2006 and said it was considering the conduct and actions of 13 individuals, though none are serving officers and it has sent an update to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA).

The IICSA has received complaints from at least 30 people that allege Janner carried out abuse of victims during a 30 year period since the 1950’s.

The IOPC outlined “matters of concern” including:

  • In the early 1990’s, before a formal investigation into Lord Janner commenced, police records indicate “a number of references to a relationship, including a sexual relationship, between Lord Janner and a child”, but there is no evidence the claims were looked into
  • Once an investigation did begin, lines of inquiry “appear from the evidence not to have been carried out” and “there is an indication that senior officers may have influenced decisions regarding the inquiries being carried out”
  • In 2001-2002 “allegations made by former children’s home residents appear from the evidence available not to have been investigated or recorded” and “documented results of investigative actions regarding Lord Janner appear to contain information that could be interpreted as misleading and/or inaccurate”

The IOPC update said a new referral was made to the IOPC in February, which “based on the evidence reviewed” indicated “police documents may have been inappropriately modified”.

The IOPC said all those under investigation had been issued with notices regarding potential criminal offences and potential gross misconduct.

It said it hoped to produce a final report by the end of June.

His son Daniel Janner QC said: “This private document should never have been published.  It is yet another astonishing example of this discredited inquiry’s mishandling of information.”

In an inter-generational abuse twist, Daniel Janner is now himself being accused of continuing the abuse of victims after appearing in a Sky News interview mocking and attacking the dozens of people affected by child sex abuse in the IICSA inquiry, referring to their testimony as “tittle-tattle and rumour”.

Daniel Janner characterized the IICSA inquiry as a “trashing of good people”.

In a Sky News interview he said:

“This is another sad chapter in this beleaguered inquiry because what is happening here – let there be no mistake about this – is a trashing of good people, people who were never convicted of offences, such as my late father, Lord Brittan and Edward Heath.

“[It] is based on tittle tattle, it’s based on rumour and this whole thing should be shut down. It’s a disgrace.”

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