Saturday. 13 February 2016

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Analysis: why Exaro ran disclosures from leaked Smith review

We published disclosures from the leaked report of the BBC-commissioned inquiry into Sir Jimmy Savile because of an overwhelming public interest. Exaro’s Editor-in-Chief and its lead reporter on the story say that the unwarranted delay in the report’s publication added to the torture of the scores of survivors of sexual abuse by Savile and others at the BBC who had testified to the inquiry.

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‘Defeat devices’: EU ignored warnings over exhaust emissions

European leaders failed to tackle car makers over the cheating of emissions tests despite a clear public warning back in 2012, Exaro has established. Three years before the US Environmental Protection Agency caught Volkswagen out for using software in diesel engines to cheat emissions tests, there was growing concern in European Union institutions about trickery employed by car makers to deceive regulators over exhaust gases.

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Wanted by Interpol: ‘Mr Fixit’ for Westland’s €560m Indian deal

Interpol has issued a “red notice” for the arrest of a British businessman implicated in a bribery scandal over a UK defence contract in India. India’s Central Bureau of Investigation wants Christian Michel to be seized and extradited for prosecution over allegations of running a slush fund of €30 million linked to a €560 million deal secured by AgustaWestland, the Anglo-Italian helicopter maker. Updated 15 December 2015 11.30am

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