Tuesday. 13 October 2015

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Tony Gallagher at Exaro debate: investigations are key for Press

Newly-appointed Sun editor Tony Gallagher made a clarion call for investigative journalism while speaking at the inaugural Exaro debate. Gallagher was one of four leading lights from the journalism industry on the panel for the inaugural Exaro debate in Fleet Street – including our own David Hencke, along with Glenda Cooper and Peter Jukes. We have uploaded the video of the full, fascinating debate.

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BBC seeks to delay Smith review until after renewal of charter

BBC bosses are trying to delay publication of an inquiry into its failures over paedophile Jimmy Savile until after ministers agree the broadcaster’s charter renewal. Whitehall and BBC sources say that the Dame Janet Smith’s review into the Savile scandal is so damaging of management knowledge and tolerance of abuse that senior executives fear that it threatens the future of the broadcaster.

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Geoff Hoon faces further corruption challenge at Westland

Former defence secretary Geoff Hoon faces fresh pressure as Anglo-Italian helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland has been plunged into a spate of corruption claims. Hoon, managing director for AgustaWestland’s international business, will be responsible for helping the company to defend itself from several criminal investigations abroad. He had helped to promote AgustaWestland’s business in two countries where investigations are under way.

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