Sunday. 21 September 2014

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New head of CSA inquiry is cleared to read intelligence papers

Home secretary Theresa May has taken a crucial step to ensure that the inquiry into child sex abuse can examine intelligence documents, Exaro can reveal. Fiona Woolf, who was appointed yesterday to chair the overarching inquiry, has security clearance to read such material, well-placed sources told Exaro. MPs who initiated the call for the inquiry see this as a crucial move.

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Company failures fall slightly amid volatile data for year so far

Latest figures from the Exaro Insolvency Index show that company failures fell slightly amid a volatile picture for the UK economy so far this year. However, the construction sector has shown strong improvement throughout 2014, with consistent falls in insolvencies. Overall, the number of companies that filed one or more insolvency notices in July dropped by 1.6 per cent compared with July 2013.

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Westland faces ban from selling helicopters to Indian forces

Helicopter maker AgustaWestland faces losing the chance of defence deals with India worth billions of pounds because of bribery allegations against it. The UK’s only helicopter manufacturer and its Italian parent company, Finmeccanica, are bracing themselves from being “blacklisted” from India following formal advice issued by the country’s attorney general, its top law officer, to its Ministry of Defence.

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