Friday. 25 July 2014

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MI5 and MI6 tell MPs to censor key report on Lee Rigby’s killers

MPs have come under intense pressure by MI5 and MI6 to censor a critical report of intelligence failings over the killing of soldier Lee Rigby. Senior officers from the Security Service, MI5, and the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, confronted MPs and peers on Parliament’s intelligence and security committee over the report at a tense meeting last month, Exaro can reveal.

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Business recovers as UK economy suffers fewer company failures

Company failures continued to fall in the UK in the latest monthly figures from the Exaro Insolvency Index. With a sharp drop in companies that entered the early stages of the insolvency process, the figures are giving some optimism to specialists in business recovery about the overall economy. And the numbers fell more strongly in the retail sector.

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Saudi king’s brother-in-law handled UK contract’s ‘agency fees’

One of the king of Saudi Arabia’s relatives ran a company that skimmed 10 per cent from a massive contract with a British contractor. Mahmoud Fustok, King Abdullah’s brother-in-law, is named in a book to be launched on Wednesday as the manager of a Lebanese company that received millions of pounds in commission from a defence deal between the UK and Saudi governments.

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