Thursday. 24 April 2014

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Parliamentary computers crash 90 minutes after IT assurances

Parliament was hit by another computer crash within 90 minutes of an assurance to MPs, peers and their staff that the system had been fixed. It is the latest problem for its computer system. Exaro last month revealed an e-mail sent to staff by the head of IT for the Houses of Parliament about the embarrassing failures. Updated 4 April 2014 2.00pm.

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Company failures rise despite George Osborne’s budget cheers

Company failures are on the rise again as insolvency figures across the board are up compared with last year, according to data compiled by Exaro. As George Osborne, chancellor, celebrated improved economic indicators in his budget speech last week, the Exaro Insolvency Index highlights a more troubling picture for UK business. Increasing numbers of companies filed one or more insolvency notices.

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Customs seized video of child sex abuse and ex-cabinet minister

Customs officials are trying to silence an ex-colleague who seized video that shows child sex abuse allegedly in the presence of a former cabinet minister. Exaro can reveal that the politically-explosive video was confiscated by a Customs officer at Dover’s Eastern Car Terminal in 1982. An Amsterdam-based businessman was importing the video cassette, which was seized with other child pornography.

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