Thursday. 28 May 2015

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Scotland feels insolvency pain – despite UK’s ‘austerity gain’

Scotland suffered a sharp year-on-year rise in insolvencies while the UK as a whole saw a slight fall. With Scotland set to be the key battleground in next Thursday’s general election, the latest data from the Exaro Insolvency Index highlights how its economy is faring worse than the rest of the country under the “austerity” strategy of the Conservative-led government in Westminster. 

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Lord Janner: DPP faces fresh doubts about medical evidence

Director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders faces more concerns about the medical evidence that underpins her decision not to prosecute Labour peer Lord Janner. Exaro can reveal that the six “key findings” of the medical evidence, as summarised by the DPP in her statement earlier this month, were not all agreed by the four experts who gave assessments for the case.

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Tony Blair faces new pressure over role as Middle East envoy

Tony Blair’s position as Middle East envoy is under renewed pressure because of financial links between a telecoms company and his wife’s foundation. Exaro can reveal that the Qatari-backed company, Ooredoo, which benefitted from Blair’s lobbying as representative of the Quartet for a mobile-telephone network for the Palestinian market, is a donor to – and “key supporter” of – the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

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