Monday. 2 May 2016

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BHP faces new criticism over probe into mine disaster in Brazil

Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton faces fresh criticism for its part in Brazil’s worst environmental disaster by commissioning an investigation that “cannot be considered independent”. BHP and its Brazilian partner ordered lawyers who acted as their corporate advisors to conduct an “independent” investigation into why a dam burst at their Samarco mine last November, releasing a huge wave of mud and killing 19 people.

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Court 73: where UK institutions are ‘in the dock’ in CSA inquiry

Tucked away on the third floor at the back end of the Royal Courts of Justice is where British institutions will come under painful scrutiny. This is where the UK state will face accusations that it failed many of the nation’s children fundamentally. This is the courtroom where the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse is holding its hearings. This is Court 73.

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Theresa May urged to up scrutiny of wealthy foreign investors

Home secretary Theresa May is being urged to introduce “full transparency” over rich foreigners who are fast-tracked for UK visas in return for investment. Transparency International UK, the anti-corruption organisation, says in a report today that the Home Office should make public disclosures of who is investing, how much, as well as their financial interests and assets for those eligible for “Tier 1 (Investor) visas”.

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