Saturday. 31 January 2015

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Video: ‘Darren’ calls on police to arrest Dolphin Square abusers

Police should arrest MPs and VIPs who sexually attacked children at Dolphin Square, one survivor of abuse at the apartment complex near Parliament told Exaro. “Darren”, as he is known to protect his identity, visited Exaro’s studio in Fleet Street to record an anonymous video interview. He talked about the sexual abuse that he suffered as a teenager at Dolphin Square, favoured by many MPs.

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Retailers enjoy pre-Christmas fall in number of company crashes

Retailers have enjoyed a pre-Christmas boost with a year-on-year fall of more than a fifth in the number of them filing for insolvency. There were 108 retail companies that filed one or more insolvency notices in November, 22.8 per cent down on the same month last year. It comes against a backdrop of a slight increase in insolvencies for the overall economy.

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Commentary: panel for inquiry into child sex abuse must stay

Theresa May, you may have heard a small part of my story. A survivor of sex exploitation during her childhood makes an impassioned plea to the home secretary not to scrap the independent panel that is holding the overarching inquiry into child sex abuse. She tells how the hope and trust that she placed in the panel would be dashed if it is scrapped. She fears that the views of the majority of abuse survivors are being drowned out by a vocal few.

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