Monday. 2 March 2015

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Graham Wilmer: CSA inquiry panel to have no abuse survivors

One former member of the inquiry into child sex abuse has told ex-colleagues that he will not re-apply to join the new panel. Graham Wilmer suggests in a farewell letter to ex-colleagues, a copy of which has been passed to Exaro, that no survivor of child sex abuse will be appointed to the new panel. So he sees no point in re-applying.

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Company failures rise by one third as growth in UK loses steam

Companies in the UK have suffered a rise of a third in insolvencies as growth in the economy loses steam. New figures show a sharp increase in the number of companies that filed for insolvency in December compared with the same month the previous year. The data from the Exaro Insolvency Index comes as growth sagged in the final quarter of 2014.

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Alexander Litvinenko’s police interviews undermine Met case

Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko gave interviews to police on his deathbed that undermine the official story of how he was killed. While in intensive care, Litvinenko gave an account to two detectives from Scotland Yard of how, by chance – during a hit-and-miss final meeting – he came to drink a few sips of green tea, which police believe was laced with a radioactive substance.

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